How To Choose an Amber Necklace

Amber has been a well-known gemstone for a long time, and it is widely used by jewellers to this day and Dubai has been long known as the centre of first class, unique jewellery such as quality amber collections. In this article, we will explore the collection of specific amber necklace sets and other amber jewelleries in Dubai.

Amber is a very special stone, which is created by resin of the pinewood, gets fossilised in order to create this gemstone. The creation of amber takes several thousand years, making a special transparent stone with a distinctive brown colour, which has been named amber since. The more old amber is, the more possible that it contains plants or even animals which got stuck inside and remained untouched ever since. Amber is a traditionally liked and used gemstone in Dubai and all the Middle Eastern countries, where Islamic rosaries and other accessories are made of amber for a long time now. Amber is also represented independently on the Amberif Fair during the Dubai Jeweller Week, which is held every year in Dubai. Amber is therefore popular and fashionable to buy in Dubai in all sorts of different forms. Let’s introduce you to some of the best Dubai brands, which offer high quality amber necklaces and amber pendants:

Koraba jewellery, one of Dubai’s amber specialists works with high quality Baltic amber importing them from the Baltic and North East European countries, primarily from Poland. Apart from high profile amber necklace and other amber jewellery collections, they also deal with the making of other amber accessories, such as Islamic rosaries, sculptures and heads of walking sticks. Koraba has established great relationship with several French jewellers, which also trade Koraba’s exceptional amber jewellery. The brand is the only one in Dubai, which gives certificated ensuring the genuine nature of amber it sells.

The wide repertoire of Koraba Jewellery features beautiful amber jewellery, representing the amber in its multiple natural shades that vary from honey and cognac to dark brown or even green! Koraba Jewellery is also building on the homeopathic effects of amber, which is said to have healing effects. Koraba jewelleries beautiful amber necklaces are made of premium quality silver and gold, decorated with diamonds they all look outstanding. Find the flagship store of Dubai’s Koraba jewellery in Dubai Festival City.

Al Kananah Jewellery is based in Gold Centre within the Dubai Gold Souk. They are among the main exporters of Baltic Amber stones and offer high profile amber necklace sets and other sorts of jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Check out the great collections of Al Kananah Jewellery once you are in Dubai.

Although Tanyaz is not specialised in amber jewellery, they use all sorts of semi-precious gemstones in their creations and this includes amber. If you would like to see colourful jewellery, we suggest you to visit Tanyaz located in the Dubai Gold Souk.

Dubai has some of the biggest offers of high quality jewellery in the world, so check out Dubai’s great amber jewellery collections at Koraba, Al Kananah and Tanyaz jewelleries, if you want to see some of the best quality collections of beautiful amber necklaces in the world.

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