Koraba Jewellery at Dubai Gold Souk

If you are looking for something outstanding, no matter it comes to jewellery or specific accessories or even souvenirs from Dubai, you should really start thinking about getting something made out of amber. Amber is a traditionally much liked material in the Middle East being almost on a level of gemstone, despite originally not being a stone. Yet, Amber needs much expertise and a very special place to buy in order for you to be sure; you bought a long-lasting piece of jewellery or accessory for you. Therefore, we really suggest you, once in Dubai, check out the outstanding collection of Koraba Jewellery, being based in the Dubai Gold Souk, the traditional meeting point of every trade activity, which is related to jewellery.

In case you have not yet been to Dubai, you may have not heard about its great gold souk, which is in fact among the biggest gold souks in the world. What makes it so special is that this souk has more than 300 jewellery stores in its area, all selling any jewellery in the world. Here, you can find the most special jewellery and the cheapest jewellery you are looking for, therefore it is no wonder that Dubai Gold Souk is part of every Dubai sightseeing tour being one of the most outstanding attractions of the city.

Looking around the Dubai Gold Souk you will find the name of Koraba Jewellery. It is one of the very few Dubai jewellers which openly specialize themselves in selling amber jewellery and accessories. They work with different sorts of amber, coming especially from the Baltic countries, which is the region from where the best quality amber comes from. Amber has been treated as a jewellery long time ago. Being a material, which originally used to be soft, Amber has primarily become famous for its beautiful honey colour. Apart from this colour, the colour scale of Amber is so much bigger, ranging from opal white to the colour of cognac. At Koraba, you can realise how many great ways there are to make high profile jewellery out of this precious material. No matter from gold or silver the jewellery collections of Koraba are alone-standing.

Koraba Jewellery features the following collections: Koraba Crystal, Koraba Diamond, Koraba Gold, Koraba Limited Designs, Koraba Misbaha, Koraba Silver.

Each collection features must-have pieces. The most outstanding and must-see collection of Koraba should definitely be Misbaha collection where you can find its alone-standing accessories, such as some of the most beautiful rosaries you can buy in Dubai, paired up with walking sticks and amber cufflink collections. Koraba Jewellery’s limited collection embodies everything beautiful in amber and a definitely must-see collection.

If you are in the city visiting the beautiful Dubai Gold Souk don’t hesitate to pop in the great Koraba Jewellery, which produces this alone-standing amber jewellery, which is so rare to find anywhere in the world! Koraba Jewellery’s collections can also be seen online and the brand has just opened its showroom in the Dubai Festival City. Apart from this shopping mall, you can find Koraba in Souk Al Bahar, in the Marina Mall and it has exclusive showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and neighbouring Qatar.

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