Souk Al Bahar

Souk Al Bahar is a relatively new shopping mall located right in the middle of Dubai’s Burj Dubai district. This district is outstanding in different aspects and so is the Souk Al Bahar complex, which was designed in being in the middle of an Arabic style villa complex with luxury hotel and extensive catering services.

If you have already been to Arabic or Muslim countries, either in the Middle East or in Northern Africa, then you might already know what a souk represents in the daily life of a town. The souk is the heart of the city, or a district, which is always full of life and energy. Of course, souks represent one of the most important cultural heritages of Dubai, and that is why they wanted to mix the new with the traditional this time, in the making of the Souk Al Bahar complex. It is an amazing complex of Emaar properties reminiscent of a traditional souk under arcades, but on the other hand, it also represents the richness and luxury of Dubai, not only in wealth but also in a cultural aspect.

Although Souk Al Bahar ’s main concept is to bring back the old world of souks into the mainstream, this great complex was mainly built for the tourists and for those who would like to spend some relaxing time in one of the many restaurants, bars or by any chance shops of Souk Al Bahar.

The Souk Al Bahar is located in the New Dubai area, next to Jumeirah Beach, the largest playground of rich and famous. Jumeirah is getting more and more popular among tourists, for its unbelievable ultra-modern sites and buildings mainly. This region is quite famous for its huge skyscrapers, crowned by the highest building ever built in the world, the Burj Khalifa. This also means that Souk Al Bahar forms a part of this beautiful complex, consisting of the Burj Khalifa in the centre, the beautiful and biggest fountain in the globe called Dubai Fountain, and the earth’s largest shopping mall, the enormous Dubai Mall. As you read this complex is far from ordinary, so it is a must-visit site of Dubai.

Souk Al Bahar opened in 2009, and it has been a great success ever since. The interiors of the souk create an interesting mixture of the past and the present; the whole souk’s look is an interesting cross between a souk and an interior of an Arabic castle. The style of the souk is wholly Arabic. All the beautiful huge lamps hanging down from the ceilings and the sides of this shopping mall will amaze you.

Talking about souk, their task is to sell everything and anything, so this souk is also packed with stores of various kinds, ranging from fruit shops to fashion stores. Here in Souk Al Bahar, it‘s the fashion and accessory stores which are represented in higher numbers, talking about a tourist attraction it is all natural. There are also several perfumeries, all sorts of souvenir stores selling leather and textile goods, such as handbags, shoes, carpets and so many different decorations.

If you would like to have the complete package of entertainment while staying in Dubai, if you are looking for a place in the very downtown, which looks beautiful, authentic, have lots of shops and restaurants then look no further than Souk Al Bahar. Souk Al Bahar is a relatively new complex, which looks like a cross between a miniature Arabic traditional villages (with the Dubai style wind towers) and Venice in Italy, because of the canals that go across it. This makes the place great to visit. Although Souk Al Bahar is not as famous as its “older brother”, the Madinat Jumeirah, yet it looks beautiful and also features a luxury hotel. It is located right next to the biggest shopping mall of Dubai, the Dubai Mall, which is facing the highest building in the Earth, the Burj Khalifa and makes a great trio attraction with the biggest fountain network in the world, which is called the Dubai Fountain. This place is called Dubai Downtown. It comprises a huge central lake where we can get to see the always-surreal looking Burj Khalifa facing the large shopping mall, with the Dubai fountain implemented inside of the lake, which also looks to the canals of Souk Al Bahar, where you can take a boat to sail across its great network. The huge lake and the canals were done with the help of the Dubai Creek.

Souk Al Bahar, contrary to its great situation and offers, seems to take longer time to get famous for the shoppers in Dubai. Developed and built by the huge Emaar Properties, the place clearly looks like such a complex that was specifically designed for the richer classes to move there. Souk Al Bahar makes the centre of this establishment and it looks like a cross between an Arabic authentic palace and a shopping mall. There are lots of trendy restaurants and bars located here and you can imagine how great it can be to walk on the shore next to the canals, when the hot summer day is turning to be a milder evening. This Dubai complex was built, following the modern-Arabic concept, which shows us authentic looking building and architecture yet melted together with the current concepts and with the best contemporary technical expertise. Explore Souk Al Bahar Dubai and see what you can get over there for you or your family and friends back home.

If you got tired, you can take a great rest by the water in one of the 22 restaurants of the complex. You can shop in one of the hundred stores that can be found in the Souk Al Bahar complex. Try to visit the outstanding Souk Al Bahar when it is about to get dark because that is when the whole area looks the most beautiful.

No wonder Souk Al Bahar is so popular; it looks beautiful especially after dusk. Many people come here from time to time to have a family dinner together with a little bit of shopping. Therefore, if you come to Dubai someday, you must definitively visit this great shopping area, the Souk Al Bahar.

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