Downtown Dubai

If you are in Dubai, then the place where you will spend most of your time will be the Downtown of Dubai. Moreover, within the Downtown, you will find the huge Downtown Dubai complex. With so many attractions and the beauty of all the modern shining palaces and skyscrapers, the Downtown area of Dubai will leave you without words.

Long time ago, the two Medinas on both sides of the Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai and the Deira old-towns used to be the very centre of Dubai. Ever since time has passed by, and it came out, that for the architectural desires and the growing need for more residential area, the downtown area of Dubai will need to grow, together with the city. Downtown Dubai, as they call Burj Dubai, was created in order to be the new downtown of Dubai. Here are the greatest buildings beautiful sites, with the Jumeirah Beach being very close. The main road also locates Dubai Downtown. Leading through the Downtown Dubai is the Sheikh Zayed Road, the biggest road, which, when running out of the city, transforms into the E 11 highway.

The main attractions of Dubai Downtown include the sky-high Burj Khalifa, naturally the main attraction to look at, still the tallest building in the whole world, completed in 2008. You can visit the enormous Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world, with more than a thousand of shops inside. Dubai Mall was also completed not too long ago, designed by a world famous British architect. The huge mall includes many fantastic attractions such as its huge ice-rink, a little winter area. This is a place where people can skate or watch performances. Another unique attraction is the Underwater Zoo and the large Dubai Aquarium containing the most beautiful hordes of fishes. All of these are really worth visiting! In addition, what is even great about some parts of these attractions is that you can see peeping through the dividing glass between them and the shopping centre part! The most colourful evening attraction of Dubai Downtown is the Dubai Fountain. The same Las Vegas Company who has already designed the best fountain systems in Las Vegas, including the biggest one so far, belonging to the Bellagio, designed this fountain chain, currently the biggest in the world. Dubai Downtown faces the Burj Al Arab, standing next to the Jumeirah Beach. It also faces the huge and unbelievable artificial island system, created to be both a residential and an entertaining area, the Palm Jumeirah, together with Atlantis Hotel, which has the lovely Aquaventure inside, one of the most beautiful water theme parks of Dubai. The other popular and reasonably bigger water park, the Wild Wadi is also right next to the Burj Al Arab hotel, very close to the beach.

The bordering areas include The Business Bay complex with its hundreds of company offices within and the World Trade Centre. Around Downtown Dubai, we can find the more traditional Al Satwa and Al Wasl districts, still untouched but planned to be removed in order to place the 12 district huge Jumeirah Gardens Residential Complex, a city within the city. Therefore, once you have seen Dubai Downtown, especially in the evening hours, when it is the most beautiful, then surely, you will return to see it repeatedly!

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