How To Get The Best Car Insurance in Dubai

Car insurances go interesting in Dubai. Of course, we know well that car insurance depends on the type of the car, but in Dubai, it also depends on the brand of the car. We would like to give you a couple of information on how these sorts of insurances work in Dubai.

There are several car insurance companies in Dubai. They differ in quality and in costs. Therefore, it is good if you do a little bit of research before choosing a company. These are car brands, which are difficult to insure in Dubai, such as the Nissan Maxima as it cause so much trouble on the roads of Dubai. All high price category vehicles, such as SUVs are difficult to get insured in Dubai because it’s so expensive. Other interesting addition in connection with car insurances is, that males under 25 year old will most likely don’t get insurance at all or their insurance will be very expensive. Other fact is that the cars which are older than 5 -7 years old will be also difficult to insure for a good price. Take care of also the fact that Dubai car insurances often meant only for road (concrete) and not for any off-road situations. This may also include parking next to a building where you don’t part on the pavement, so be very careful with that. Although there are car insurances which include this sort of off-road situations too, the car insurances are not for a generally off –road e.g. desert drive.

Your car insurance will automatically not apply for those accidents if the police find alcohol in your blood. In case of lethal accidents, the causer of the accident, if it was not the person who drove will need to pay a further 200k Dirham for this. Cars cannot be registered in Dubai until they are not insured. So, this means that car insurance must be made before the registering process. If you bring your car from your home to Dubai, make sure you know the exact situation in connection with its insurance. It’s good if you leave your original insurance too if you can put it to sleep until you return back to your homeland. Currently some of the best car insurance companies include the Al Ittihad Al Watani General Insurance Company that you can find in Al Garhood Centre in Deira, the Axa Insurance Company formerly known as Norwich Union located in the Wafi Residence and the RSA Group (formerly known as Royan and Sun Alliance). Their phone numbers you can get from the Dubai phone directory.

Please note, that if you are to leave the territory of the United Arab Emirates specifically for going to the neighbouring Oman, you will need a co-called Orange card from your car insurance company. The Orange Card is the local insurance network working in case of someone leaving to Oman or another neighbouring Gulf country so this way he or she can get help from the local Orange Card classified bureau. Within Dubai, you will not need to Orange Card though. Look around well in Dubai, and see at least 2-3 insurance companies and try to ask someone’s opinion on car insurances before deciding.

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