How To Lose Weight in Dubai

In real, thousands of women have weight problem, but only about half of them have real reasons for this weight loss. So, what can we do, while we are in Dubai and we would like to lose weight? Here are some simple steps and different diet methods for the most effective solutions in the hope that you will like and ultimately try one of these solutions:

Spend time on the beach
All the time spent on the beach, spent with walking in the sand or swimming, not to mention playing beach ball, is by far one of the best ways to lose weight and it s also the healthiest way. No matter which diet you are doing, you will not reach your targets without movement. Swimming is excellent for the muscles and in exchanging the existing fat to muscles. The sea is one of the healthiest things in the world, from the sea breeze to all the minerals seawater contain, which are good for the body and the skin. Try to learn diving, as its one of the best sports in the world.

Eat the Arabic way
Luckily, Arabic cuisine is very healthy, rich in minerals and vitamins. In addition, it contains lots of vegetables, fruits and apart from the celebrations and the Ramadan; season Arabic people do not eat sweets. Have a rich breakfast with lots of fruits. Beware though the excessively oily food. The chicken meat is very healthy and not a fat meat and as local cuisine contains lots of chicken it can come all the handier for your diet. Most of the foods enable your body for quicker metabolism, which is a great feature in a food, if it contains enough nutrients in order for it to make us feel refreshed after a meal.

Dubai sightseeing walk
Sightseeing walks are very healthy, great for diet. Just try to walk the long way and do not take taxi or bus until it is absolutely possible. Walking is one of the best ways to create muscles and burn fat, especially when it is warm. Drink lots of water. In the souks, get some freshly squeezed orange juice but apart from this, avoid the sweet drinks.

Follow the Mediterranean diet but do not be a slave of it.
Arabic people have much in common with the Mediterranean people one of the good differences are, that Arabic people do love to eat in the morning too. If you follow the 3 meal rule that’s great and you won’t need much more, with the exception of fruits. However, do not fall into the mistake of eating too much in the evening. Arabic people, similarly with all the Mediterranean and other places where the weather is hot, prefer to eat when the temperature starts to cool down. As this happens sometimes quite late, around 22-23.00h they will have huge meals this time. Try to avoid eating too much this late, except if you plan to have a night swim or a big walk following it. That is the best diet.

No real need for diet! Buy some Abaya or Jilleba for you
In Europe and in the US being bigger counts almost as a shame. With all the clothes made for thin girls, women with a figure face many difficulties indeed. But in the Arabic countries, clothes are made for women for are bigger naturally. Buy some nice Abaya for you and you will see that you will feel instantly better just by wearing them.

As you see, nothing is easier than losing weight and feels good in the same time in Dubai. Of course, you cannot count on any drastic weight loss; the importance is in the transformation of fat into muscle, which is the best feature of a good diet.

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