Hunting For Discounts at Dubai Shopping Festival

A wide range of discounts, prizes, and deals are offered during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Remarkable discounts on shopping are provided during the shopping festival to attract people from all around the world. Most of the Dubai malls, hotels, theme parks, and retail shops are offering discounts to the shoppers. You will get discount of around 5% -7% on various items such as watches, famous textile brands, cameras, perfumes, electronics, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, leather goods, watches, handbags, handicrafts, cosmetics, {furniture} and so on. Discounts are offered on carpets from China, Turkey, India, Iran and Pakistan during Dubai Shopping Festival.

Retail outlets of Omega, Rolex, Samsung, Canon, Sony, Harley Davison, Diesel, Hermes, Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc are offering great discounts. The major attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival is tax free discounts available for items purchased. Even though, the Global Village is the main attraction during the time of shopping festival, you have to visit the shopping malls and souks in Dubai that provide great discounts. Various hotels and airlines are offering discounted prices for tour packages.

Real discounts during Dubai Shopping Festival are found in the shopping malls from where you will get up to 5 to 75% discounts. Dubai malls have several international shopping outlets of various popular brands. Malls also have dining and entertainment options. Thousands of tourists are thronging to these malls to shop various items at great discounts. Dubai shopping malls are open from 10am to 10pm every day. If you are interested in bargaining, then you can go to souks where you will get most items with great discounts. The souks situated at both sides of the Dubai Creek are famous for bargains. The most visited Dubai souks are Bur Dubai Souk, Satwa Souk and Gold Souk.

You can find Carpet Oasis is being held during Dubai shopping festival from where you can purchase Persian, handmade and Oriental carpets at a discounted price. The best buys in Dubai are gold, spices, perfumes, myrrh, frankincense, textiles, and carpets. With a variety of discounts, bargains offered by the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can also enjoy music shows, firework displays, film festivals, and music performances. If you would like to shop good quality carpets, you can go to stores such as Pride of Kashmir, Al-Jaber Gallery, National Iranian Carpets and Lata’s. You will get high quality carpets, but prices are higher than that of the souks.

You can avail the best Dubai travel deals from various airlines and hotels. Several beach hotels are offering one night free stay for those who book for four night travel package. One of the sponsors of Dubai Shopping Festival is Emirates Airlines and the airlines offer special discounts for travel such as allowances for extra baggage on return trip. If you are an avid shopper, then you should plan your vacation during Dubai Shopping Festival to get the best deals. Daily cash prizes are available through various draws by the shops at the Global Village. Dozens of cafes and restaurant are available in Dubai that offer discounted price for several food items during the shopping festival.

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