Furniture Deals During Dubai Shopping Festival

When it comes to shopping in Dubai, it’s Dubai Shopping Festival, which is the best time of the year to shop anything. During Dubai Shopping Festival, you can get great discounts and take part in various sales promotions for all sorts of different goods that include fashion items, accessories or even cars and furniture. In our article, we would like to explore the best chances to buy furniture in Dubai. Dubai Shopping Festival is held between January and February.

Furniture is such a good which everyone needs and which everyone buys. There are general tastes when it comes to furniture ranging from modern to antique styles. When we observe, we can see that Dubai people greatly prefer the classic and vintage -like rustic furniture, which is made out of dark wood. You can see some of the most beautiful vintage style furniture sets in here and also, a great deal of imported vintage furniture comes to Dubai to be sold for high prices from time to time. When you look, there are places where you can enjoy the offers of more furniture stores than anywhere else is. Let us see the best places to buy furniture in Dubai, where you are also likely to get great discounts during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

If you are looking for the best shopping mall for buying furniture, then you should not miss visiting the Mall of the Emirates that has by far the largest number of furniture store, not only inside but also in its area. Let us see the best furniture stores which we can find in and around Mall of the Emirates:

Home Centre: Home Centre is a great brand because you can find everything in one place. Home Centre mirrors the Dubai taste in classy furniture with some unique additions of modern {furniture} culture here and there, its furniture is vintage like, made out of quality dark wood and they are all rustic in form. Home Centre offers also kitchen and bathroom furniture that is great, as many furniture stores do not do that. Home Centre is very popular in Dubai and you can count on some great discounts here for the duration of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Apart from Mall of the Emirates, you can find Home Centre stores all around Dubai in different locations.

Local, Middle Eastern and Asian brands offer their furniture in the Mall of the Emirates. The best local stores to check include Miri, Bombay & Zone and Marina Exotic where you can find beautiful furniture or home accessories. You can find plenty of international furniture and interior design stores which correspond the local flavour, which include Crate & Barrell, selling rustic country and classic Victorian style furniture, Home Design which sells lots of different imported furniture and the store of Singways, which has a bit of a more modern taste.

In the area of the Mall of the Emirates, you can find furniture brands such as Pan Emirates Furniture or the One Furniture both popular to visit in Dubai. Another great brand is Homes R Us, which also represents the local flavour in furniture.

You can also find IKEA here, which just re-opened in the Dubai Festival City. Plenty of furniture stores can be found in al Quoz in the area of warehouses not too far from Jumeirah, where you can find Falaknaz Furniture’s Warehouse with great deals for Dubai Shopping Festival.

You can buy the best quality home accessories in the Dubai Souk area which is situated in the Northern part of Deira. Here you can get to buy all the beautiful copper and bronze artefacts that make the Arabic style interiors so unique.

When you travel here during Dubai Shopping Festival, you will find how great it is to buy furniture in Dubai. You can find the best deals during this period and you can get amazed by all the classy style furniture which is so liked by the locals. Do not hesitate to come to Dubai, for the best fun and shopping event of the world starting on 3rd January, the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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