Italian Restaurants in Dubai

There are many Italian restaurants all over Dubai. Arabic people are not really fond of the Italian food, which we may find surprising as most of us could simply not imagine how that comes but anyways, Dubai with the welcoming of thousands of foreigners living there, has also implemented the Italian cuisine, knowing how famous it is, among all the Europeans and Americans. Here in this article, we would like to introduce you to some of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai.

We do not really need to go in depths when discussing the Italian cuisine, which is without doubt the most popular and the most common foreign restaurant everywhere in the world, with the exception of Asia and Africa. Italians have done a lot, for promoting their foods, which are popular for their usage of fresh ingredients such as olive, basil, the famous Italian “pomodoro” the tomatoes, the great and diverse Italian cheese or “formaggio”, the mozzarella the ricotta or the highly used “parmiggano” with which you can meet on pizza. The world famous Italian ham can unfortunately not be tasted in Dubai, as it is traditionally made out of pork meat so, it is a big no-no in Dubai.

We keep hearing gossips about the most Italian foods spaghetti and pizza origination from China, but apart from the spaghetti, pizza could have rather originate from the Middle East because of its pastry and the ingredients used for making it.

It is also interesting to note, for those who did not know it before, that pastries such as spaghetti, torrellini, taglatelle and all sorts of penne generally serve as appetizers before the main meal. However, you can have them as an alone standing dish if you would like to. For main meals, Italians prefer some sort of roasted or grilled meat, steaks with lots of veggies. For example, Italian desserts are the famous truffle, pudding or the tiramisu. Now, let us see some of the most popular Italian restaurants in Dubai.

Located in the popular shopping city called Wafi city, Medzo will be kind of hard to find, as Wafi Mall is huge, but ask anyone of the best restaurant in Wafi and they will surely suggest you to visit the Medzo. This is quite an elegant place with beautiful interiors. Try the scallop’s appetizer with apple and truffle. The place is also famous for its good quality pizza, so it is your turn to try one of them.

Capanna Nuova
Located in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort in Jumeriah, this place is one of the favourite Italian restaurants of Jumeirah. Try the veal and the risotto over here; they are delicate and made out of fresh ingredients. This is a perfect place for a great lunch.

Located by the beautiful Dubai Creek at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers in Deira, it is a great place for a romantic dinner, with looking at the dhows sailing on the huge water of Dubai Creek and seeing the opposite lying buildings of Bur Dubai while eating. The Vivaldi is famous for its beef entrecote and the sea scallops with pumpkin and mushrooms. Vivaldi is undoubtedly one of the top restaurants of Deira in Dubai.

We could go on and on enlisting all the best Italian restaurants, but first, try one or some of these above listed Italian restaurants and if you still have the need for some great Italian pasta, you will surely find out by then where else to get it in Dubai.

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