Japanese Dish Specialities in Dubai

Dubai hosts quite a many Japanese restaurants, due to all the Western hype around Japanese food, which in fact is healthy. Japanese restaurants can be found in many shopping malls or nearby them, in the downtown area of Dubai.

Many of us know already that Japanese cuisine is unique, using dozens of ingredients to which we cannot really have a reach in any other continents or if still then the possibilities are limited. However, where else is it the best to make Japanese restaurants famous, than at a seaside resort? The Japanese cuisine’s primary ingredients are sea fishes. All sorts of different sea fishes, out of which there are plenty in Dubai as well. In addition, there are many Japanese tourists arriving in Dubai every year, out of which some decide to stay and make a restaurant, ora buffet. Out of Japanese restaurants, we differentiate the classical restaurant, which works as a normal restaurant; the yakitori grilled chicken buffets, the tempura bars, which serve thin noodles usually in form of a soup, and the ramen bars that also serve a thicker type of originally Chinese noodles. Japanese people do not really eat bread. Instead, they eat rice but a lot. The Japanese green tea is also world famous, such as their sushi. These artistically bits, which are mainly served in forms of rolls, where previously spiced rice is rolled into a type of dried seaweed, with a couple of ingredients inside, and served with a delicacy on top, which can be anything, from egg to raw fish. Many Japanese restaurants offer O-Bento meals, which usually mean a menu served in a wooden box containing a small amount of soup and a little meal with vegetables and a small dessert as well.

After reading this, not so many Arabic people are especially fond of Japanese cuisine because of the high differences between their kitchens. Nevertheless, to the happiness of all foreigners living in Dubai, the number of Japanese restaurant is growing, thanks to their great success. So, let us see, which the must-visit Japanese restaurants in Dubai are:

First, we must mention the popular Buddha Bar, which is a great place if not a complex for a night out. Buddha Bar partly serves as a disco as well. However, the Japanese delicacies are highly anticipated and so the restaurant is famous for its great cuisine. When you are here, try the beef tenderloin along with the sushi as an appetizer.

The Kiku is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants, situated in Garhoud at the Le Meridien hotel. It is a great and modern Japanese-style place with all dishes served perfectly.

The Sumibiya is located in Deira in the Radisson Blu Hotel by the Dubai Creek and although it is not one of the tip-top places, the kitchen serves great dishes, especially if you ask for any type of yaki-niku (roasted-meat). You will surely be leaving with a smile on your face.

Umi Sushi is located in the Dubai Marina and it is a great little place with economical prices yet good quality.

If you want luxury on all levels, then do not miss the Tokyo the Towers restaurant that is an impeccable place serving the highest quality Japanese specialities.

Therefore, now, you will not leave for Dubai without knowing the names of a couple of great Japanese restaurants in Dubai. However, these are the finest examples the number of Japanese restaurants or buffets. You will not have problem with finding the best one to your needs.

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