Jebel Ali Golf Resort

Jebel Ali Golf Resort is also called as the one and only true resort of Dubai. In addition, the truth is lying in these words, as Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa is much worthier in its mission than all the rest of Dubai’s resorts. So, what is the secret of this hotel?

Jebel Ali is the resort of resorts. There is so much to do over here, that it will surely make you stay a few weeks more in Dubai, Jebel Ali. The hotel has a huge Dubai golf course, but apart from this, you can ride horse, go to shoot and also try all sorts of water sports all in one place, in the Jebel Ali Golf Resort. There, the time seems to stop and you can enjoy the beautiful rushing waves of the sea, on a surfboard or on a boat as well. The Jebel Ali Golf Resort is really a wonderful place.

The hotel Jebel Ali Golf Resort offers hotel rooms, but also apartments for those who would like to stay longer and do some self-catering as well. Jebel Ali district lies not too far from the Dubai Marina. In fact, the whole New Dubai area is getting closer to Jebel Ali, which used to be 33 kilometres away, now it is only few minutes getting there.

The golf course of the hotel is, as they say a championship standard 9-hole par course. There is opportunity for you to enrol in a golf course as well as they are starting and going on regularly. The Jebel Ali Golf Resort has several great pools as well, and a huge luxury spa makes the whole experience even more beautiful.

The hotel occupies a large area by the sea. Its beach is 800 metres long and has beautiful palm tree lanes perfect for evening walks. There are several beautiful gardens over here too. In addition, the Jebel Ali Golf Resort hosts altogether 15 restaurants and bars, so it is sure that you will not feel bored over here. The hotel has characteristics making it a perfect place for families. There is above three hundred rooms, suites and apartments mixed in the hotel. Among the rooms, there are some which are very specific, and given upon request. These types are the Superior Golf View and the Superior Sea View rooms and suites. These give an especially fantastic view to either the golf course or the sea, depending on which one you would like to have.

There are two unbelievable projects to which the Jebel Ali Golf Resort is quite close to. These are unique, never-seen-before projects such as the Dubai Waterfront and the Palm Jebel Ali, which will be the larger version of the Palm Jumeirah island. Everything moves to the favour of Jebel Ali, which is already ruling the industrial life of Dubai.

As you see, going to Jebel Ali, is going to be a bigger and bigger deal as time moves on. In about ten years, Jebel Ali will look even more extravagant than the Dubai downtown. Jebel Ali Golf Resort is already among the best hotels of Dubai.

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