The Address Montgomerie

The Montgomerie Golf Course is one of the most suggested golf courses and resorts of Dubai. Although it is not easy to choose the best golf course as there is so many of them in Dubai, yet Montgomerie is among the lucky clubs to have its own hotel on site, which makes things a lot easier for golfers or avid fans of golf. The Address Hotel chain operates the hotel and it is called The Address Montgomerie. The Address Montgomery has suitable services specifically designed and created in order to suit golfers’ requirements the best.

Being at a Dubai golf course is a very relaxing experience. No wonder this sport is so famous. Golf is among the very few sports that you can certainly play for a long time, as it does not require that much of physical movement or work of muscles yet stays very effective during the whole time.

The Montgomerie Golf Resort and Club has been established in 2002 and one of the best golf players in the world, named Colin Montgomerie designed it. With its Club House officially opened in 2006, the Montgomerie, thanks to its high standards regarding the level of service, has stepped on the same quality where the very best golf courses in Dubai and in fact in the whole world, are. If you are not familiar with golf terms, clubhouse means many things in the world of golf. It means the luxury, the rest and the club life. Most activities that can be done within the clubhouse cost an extra for the non-members. Generally, the Clubhouse is the building that contain just everything a golfer need during their break.

The Montgomerie has a huge championship course and several training fields as well, together with its Academy. The Address Montgomerie is the best for those who arrive with family and like to dedicate most of their time to golfing. As it has been written before, the Montgomerie Golf Club can thank its transition into a golf resort by having its own hotel. This is a rather rare thing even in Dubai, where they are up to see houses for you and not to let them have rented with that much pleasure. Now let us see what we can expect from its own hotel the Address Montgomerie:

The Address Montgomerie Dubai has many positive features about it making it all the more attractive for the golfers’ society: first, it gives you the real pleasure of the silence and relaxing atmosphere. The Address Montgomerie is not a big hotel; it has solely 21 rooms for the most dedicated golfers. The hotel is adjoined by the Club House itself, contains three restaurants featuring international selection of dishes, out of which especially the one called “Nineteen” is famous.

The Address Montgomerie Hotel and Golf resort is equipped by an extensive spa the Angsana Spa offering diverse types of beauty treatments and a great gym, for the rainy days or to fill out the mornings. From the hotel rooms you will have a wonderful view to the green fields mixed up with the sand colour of the Dubai Ddsert; you can also see the great golf lakes too. The whole together give a fantastic site! If you are a fan of golf, your next destination should be the Montgomerie Golf Resort with its great The Address Montgomerie Hotel.

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