The Best Golf Courses in Dubai

Experience world-class golfing in Dubai, home to some of the finest golf courses on the planet! From breathtaking views to challenging greens, Dubai’s golf courses offer an unforgettable experience for golfers of all levels. Select from a range of top-rated courses like Emirates Golf Club, The Montgomerie, and The Els Club and test your skills on their pristine fairways and greens. With first-rate facilities, skilled instructors, and breathtaking landscapes, Dubai’s golf courses are a must-visit for any golf enthusiast.

As they say, golf is the most noble among all sports, so a question of time is that whether this sport, together with the evergreen Dubai golf courses, will be also cultivated in Dubai or not? Dubai golf courses have earned fame very quickly, with more complexes being under construction for the lovers of golf.

Golf is one of the oldest and still one of the most famous games originating from Great Britain, together with a bunch of traditions and customs connected to it. It has very strict quality requirements when it comes to the golf course itself. Golf has an interesting situation in Dubai. When we say, that golf has tremendous success in Dubai, it can be misunderstood. Many might think that the people of Dubai have changed from their beloved sports, namely camel, horseracing, and falconry to play golf, but that is not exactly the situation.

Due to its growing importance in the past few decades, Dubai has chosen the strategy to get the best professionals no matter where they come from. This has resulted in two outcomes. The first is that today the locals of Dubai are in fact the minority, next to the crowd coming from every country in the world. The second is the status of golf in the West, the possibilities of which just could not leave out from Dubai. The creation of Dubai golf courses is largely due to the Englishmen and Americans working in better positions in Dubai. Golf, as we know is a great game for businesspersons or politicians to have a word with each other. Often important agreements are born in the golf courses. Referring here is mainly to the United States, where the game has extreme popularity, together with the lifestyle it represents. The actual reason of making a lot of Dubai golf courses and even more complexes was the result of a business decision of Dubai, that was in order to get the American interest to come to Dubai, to live in Dubai, to work in Dubai and finally yet importantly, to spend their money in Dubai.

In the past few years, dozens of the best quality Dubai golf courses have been built all around the city. Today not only golf courses are built in Dubai, but also high tech golf villages, golf complexes, almost cities together with resorts and residence areas is building up in Dubai.

We do not have to mention all the difficulties that lie in the making of Dubai golf courses due to the climate and the original natural conditions of Dubai. However, we also know that Dubai knows no limit when it comes to business. The best international professional golf players and golf course designers have been hired to bring the best out of Dubai golf courses.

Among the local golf courses, the most famous now are definitely the Creek Golf Club and the Emirates Golf Club, both operated by the Nakheel Group, is in possession of the Sheikh of Dubai, and the Els Golf Club within the Dubai Sports City, already offering several different attractions as well. The new Dubai golf course is still under construction and includes the Jumeirah Golf Estates. It will be an entire golf-village, planned to include the best Dubai golf courses and it is already hosting international and national golf events. The other golf village under construction is the Arabian Ranches Golf Club. Among the best quality Dubai golf courses, we find Els Golf Course, the Al Badia Golf Course and the Montgomerie, all of which are brand new. Dubai has also founded several national and international golf cups such as the Dubai Desert Classic, the Dubai Ladies Masters and the Dubai World Championship all offering a great chance to welcome tourists from all over the world.

The possibility lying in sports such as in Dubai golf courses has been always a leading pulling-power of tourism, bringing other business opportunities into the Emirates. These best golf courses are a must-visit for all the golf lovers in the world.

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