Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai

Montgomerie Golf Club

When one sees Montgomerie Dubai Golf Club, they might think they are in England! Contrary to the climate, of course England will never have, to the dismay of its locals. From the first glance, one can see that Montgomerie Dubai is indeed a noble place, a traditional golf club beautifully featuring all the aspects of golf and the lifestyle connected to it!

It is true that Montgomerie Dubai had been created following the Scottish traditions of making a golf club. The golf course is managed by Troon Golf, which is one of the biggest golf-oriented companies in the world, having sponsored and managed more than thirty courses all over the world.

Situated close to the downtown of Dubai, Montgomerie Dubai is also a golf course of the huge Emirates Hills complex. Its fame is continuously growing among the golf-lovers living in or visiting Dubai. Montgomerie Dubai was established in 2002 but had several renovation works ever since, in order to keep the club always up-to-date for everyone’s needs. The golf course just looks amazing, designed with much care, looking like a beautiful resort with green grass, lakes and many beautiful palm trees.

The biggest pride of Montgomerie Dubai is its fantastic British style clubhouse, offering restaurant, golf shops and many rooms for the visitors. Its biggest course, which is almost a hundred hectare big, includes fourteen lakes, gardens and many bunkers, tees, fairways and roughs all to the likes of professional golfer making them challenged and in this way even more motivated during the whole game. The soil of the main course is different during the summer and winder seasons, which Montgomerie Dubai makes to benefit from them all year long. The type of grass is Bermuda in the summer, while during the winter season the area is rougher, consisting of much rye.

There are two types of memberships that the Montgomerie Dubai offers, both of which contain several benefits for its members such as extra programs and lower fees when using additional facilities. Among the extra or additional services, the must-mention is the pool and tennis area. There is a big practicing area with a wide chance to learn and widen one’s existing knowledge in playing golf. The training facilities also include “E-Teaching” instructed online, which is a great deal, in the age of the internet. In the area of Montgomerie Dubai, there is an Academy offering courses to younger ages. In addition, there is another big practicing area, where one can practice alone, or can hire an instructor to take individual lessons.

There are several events held in Montgomerie Dubai. Most of them are golf-oriented. Before visiting a course, and especially if you are a beginner, read all the instructions and rules containing the strict requirements for all those who have the will to play golf in Montgomerie Dubai. Do not forget the effort being put to make and to treat all the green fields. Therefore, watch out for the shoes and your dress when entering. Only those who have papers proving to be a good golf player can enter the big golf course. It is really worth all the time and money and you can even make many friends there!

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