Emirates Hills

After you have visited all the shiny wonders, theme parks and Medina or old city of Dubai, and you have still more time to enjoy in Dubai, then it is worth looking around the residential areas of Dubai as well. Emirates Hills, one new area, offers some great sights within, for all who would like to look around there. A little bit of a California feeling within the Middle East.

Emirates Hills is an ongoing project managed and developed by the Emaar Properties, which is a Dubai real estate developer, not only in the area of the Emirates, but also having projects all around the world.

Emirates Hills, as we can see by its name desires to be the “Beverly Hills” of Dubai, a district for the rich, who would like to be in such a huge city, with all the facilities and attractions nearby. Yet, this place offers relaxation, hilly area as well, giving them all the luxury not having to go out, when one is not intending to. Most buyers of the real estates in Emirates Hills are from Iran or India, although several local wealthy people have also bought an area over here. It situates at a considerably large area with its 123000 square kilometres.

The unique part of Emirates Hills is that the owners have the freedom to choose, that is, whether they only want to buy the territory, and build on it according to their own taste, or to get an already built house. For the latter, the chance is already wider for the man as investors who have built many beautiful villas, in order to sell them for a higher price. Other interesting feature is that according to the law, only a Dubai citizen can buy property in Dubai, except the Emirates Hills area.

The Montgomerie Golf Course also situates within the Emirates Hills, offering a beautiful view to the green grass and lakes of the golf fields. Within Emirates Hills, there is also a shopping and an entertainment centre. Overall, Emirates Hills might remind us to a nicely equipped Pensionist Village in Florida. Not surprisingly, all the territories of the complex have been sold out quite quickly, from the date of the announcement of building the Emirates Hills complex.

Emirates Hills is located in the southern part of the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, enabling its locals to enter and come back from the city centre or Jumeirah Beach anytime they would like to. Another interesting feature of Emirates Hills is that walls, giving the maximum security for the inhabitants, but at the same time also making it a residential park, surround it.

Emirates Hills is especially nice to view for those, who are thinking to settle down in the Middle East, namely Dubai and for those who would like to enjoy playing some golf during their stay. At the Montgomerie Golf Club, there are several guestrooms, operating as a hotel for those who would like to spend a couple of pleasant day enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Emirates Hills.

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