The Popular Le Marche Supermarket in Dubai

Dubai, mostly known for its great shopping opportunities, offers a wide variety from food to just anything you might need. Le Marche is a French shopping centre with the offer of an above-regular supermarket. In importance, Le Marche comes after Carrefour in France. In this hypermarket, you can shop nearly everything from food to street wear and all sorts of home and kitchen ware. However, unlike Carrefour, Le Marche has by far not opened shops abroad, so Le Marche Dubai is one of its first shopping centers and hypermarkets located outside of France.

Le Marche is quite a popular shopping place for the region of Dubai where it is found but many times even people from far away make a shopping excursion there. Le Marche sells diverse goods of both French and local origin. Currently, there is only one Le Marche in Dubai found in the Arabian Ranches living complex, which is still under construction but already inhabited and widely visited because of its sports possibilities. Arabian Ranches is located in the New Dubai section of Dubai, in the Al Barsha district, which in a few years will host thousands of more people who will come to live here in one of the beautiful residence complexes that are all built over here.

The Arabian Ranches is located a bit far from the sea, but it is located in a very relaxed section of Dubai, where the main emphasis is on sports like golf so you will see all green over here. Le Marche’s shopping segments include Butchery and Fishery, the fruit section, the house ware section, and the grocery sections. Le Marche is competitive because of its prices and quality. The low prices are also supported with several promotions and with the offering of a special Le Marche shopping card sponsored by the RAK Bank in Dubai. Le Marche offers its goods on an area of 5000 square meters.

Dubai is a huge town where no shopping possibility is enough, especially when it comes to shop for cooking. As in most Arabic country, men here as well prefer their wives to serve cooked food for them every day, so the importance of fresh, good quality meat, vegetables and groceries is highly important, and no wonder that the shopping traffic at all hyper and supermarkets is always incredibly high.

In the area where it lies, Le Marche is currently the biggest shopping possibility, so no wonder that many locals go there to arrange their daily shopping tasks. When you happen to visit the Al Barsha district’s sports facilities, you can make your daily shopping over here at Le Marche. For sure, it will be a great experience for you, especially if this will be the first Le Marche you have seen by far.

Dubai is well known for the great shopping opportunities that it offers to the visitors from all over the world. The shopping malls in this city contain everything from food to clothing and all kinds of latest electronic gadgets. Le Marche supermarket is one such shopping centre in Dubai that is elevated from most of the other local stores. As its name suggests, it is a French shopping centre that comes next to Carrefour in terms of its importance in France.

Once you enter the Le Marche hypermarket then you can get almost everything here and you will not have to move to other malls for getting your desired stuff. The supermarket contains items from food to kitchen and home ware. However, Le Marche supermarket has not opened its stores in any other country, so you will not find any other supermarket by Le Marche outside of Dubai and France.

Le Marche supermarket is famous for providing superior quality products at competitive prices. You will also find the freshest fruits and vegetables here along with purely international seafood collection. The French boulangerie at Le Marche hypermarket also provide a wide selection oven baked products. The supermarket is designed with the pattern of Europe’s best outlets. The store covers around 5000 square meters of area and carries over 45000 product lines. These products include food, beauty care, grocery, shoes and apparels, home appliances, consumer electronics along with equipment and house ware.

Le Marche supermarket has gained a huge popularity in Dubai region as it sells a variety of goods both from French and the local region. Currently, you can locate only one Le Marche hypermarket in the Arabian Ranches in Dubai but due to its immense popularity people from far away areas also visit here for a shopping excursion. Arabian Ranches can be found at Al Barsha district in New Dubai, which is believed to get inhabited by thousands of people in the coming years because of the beautiful residential complexes that are being built here.

The Arabian Ranches is located in the relaxed section of Dubai, which is a bit far away from the sea. But due to the emphasis on sports like golf here, you will find greenery all over the area. That is why Le Marche hypermarket is currently the biggest shopping centre in the area where it is located and many locals visit this store to arrange their daily groceries. Even those who do not reside in this area visit this shopping centre whenever they come to enjoy the sports facilities of Al Barsha district.

The low prices offered by Le Marche supermarket are supported by several promotions and special offerings also that includes the Le Marche shopping card which is sponsored by the RAK Bank of Dubai. There are several other facilities provided at the store too like highest service standards, easy exchange and return policy, world class merchandise services and many other features that can be only associated to world class supermarkets of the world.

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