Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort Dubai

With the level of competition for the custom of visitors to Dubai, it would be fair to say that any hotel will have to consider many things before it throws open its doors to the public. After all, if the visitor is less than impressed by where they are staying, they can check out and choose from any number of gorgeous, high-quality hotels. This level of competition ensures that the hoteliers will all be doing their best to deliver an experience that will stick in your mind the next time you return to Dubai – and there is always a next time. This is a city that burns itself on your memory from the moment you disembark to the moment you leave, then stays with you forever.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort is one of those hotels that you will only find in cities that benefit from a hot, sunny climate. If you enjoy swimming or even just relaxing by the pool, then you are guaranteed a chance to indulge these passions by the environs of the hotel, which contain three temperature-controlled swimming pools – so if you want to go for a swim without going down to the beach, you can indulge within easy walking distance of your room. This is in addition to several other sporting options, which also include tennis and squash. But you don’t have to be planning a sporting trip for Le Royal to be a worthwhile option. There is something here for everyone, and that is not just a boast.

At Le Royal Meridien you will find fourteen different internationally themed restaurants and bars. Whatever your own personal taste, there is something here that will live up to your expectations and beyond. Visitors have had particularly good things to say about the seafood restaurant, Mi Vida, and the outdoor Arabic grill Al Khaima. These are simply two options from the wider range, however, and whichever option you choose you are sure to find that it is to your taste. The service, too, goes perfectly with the rest of the experience. Keeping the customer happy is of vital importance to the staff and management, but this is done without making you feel crowded.

With all of the opulence that this Dubai beach resort offers, it would be easy to assume that it would be prohibitively expensive to spend a night here. And sure, it may not be as affordable as a basic hotel, but it is far from basic and on a par with several more expensive hotels – indeed, book at the right time and you will have money left over from US$400 a night. For your money you get the best of everything and will never run out of things to do. It is the perfect location for a family holiday, a business conference or a romantic break for two – and there are surely few hotels that can make a bold claim such as that without fear of contradiction.

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