Levi’s Jeans in Dubai

Over the years, jeans have made its place in both formal and informal outfits. The comfortable material and the variety of cuts have made this outfit essential for every class and age group. Jeans has been used for pants as well as jackets and modified its originality by the different designer collections. Now there are many designer collections of jeans available in the market, but the one that has managed to win the heart of people for the longest time is Levi’s jeans. The brand after making its perfect repute in the other parts of the world is now available with full pride in Dubai.

Levi’s is the original brand of jeans that has been making its mark since the beginning of fashion industry. Rich fabric, extraordinary designing, huge variety of shades and fittings has made it among the top rated jeans seller in the market. The huge stock of jeans, meant for both men and women, comes in various styles. From ultramodern skinny jeans to the amazingly designed straight jeans, each piece displays the perfection of the maker.

Men’s collection of Levi’s comes in different features that have target specific purpose. Commuter jeans serve for the men who have passion for cycling. The collection of jeans and jackets has justified the game true adventure purpose. The straight and sharp collection of sta-prest is crease pants that modify your image from vintage to latest look. The long sleeves and slim cut shirts of the standards are the classic collection of shirts that could be serving for both formal and informal occasion. The ultimate loom woven collection of selvedge goods by Levi’s has the quality of today and perfection of the best. The collection has taken intensive care and timing in its manufacturing. The light weighted denim of water less has the maximum capacity to let you walk in the rain. The jeans are comfortable in its fabric and cut.

The women collection of Levi’s, although is a bit limited compared to men collection, has been attracting women of Dubai for its unique feature of curves. Each curve is designed to meet the women need of giving a perfect figure and Levi’s jeans helps in creating that image. The jeans with the perfect curve create the illusion of the desired image and enhance the body. Whether the skinny denim or a boot cut jeans, the huge variety of style by Levi’s clothing gives the freedom of choice. The company updates its collection to ensure providing the spectacular jeans with marvellous finishing. The coordination with the latest trends and presenting the product for every generation is the secret to Levi’s success over the years.

Levi’s projects the diva looks for every age group with style and glamour. The jeans create wonder in outlook that could not be given by any other source. Levi’s has its major stores around the world and its popularity can be traced in Middle East for more than 50 years. The company has many stores, but the one in the Dubai Mall is the perfect combination of high profile location and the most graceful jeans.

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