Local Beauty Standards in Dubai

The thing with cosmetic surgery in Dubai is that it is very different from cosmetic surgery in the West if we can say so. The expectations are very different in the Arabic country, toward women’s beauty. So, in this article, let us talk about how women view cosmetic surgery in Dubai.

Let us start with the local beauty standards. Arabic women are much luckier than Western women are. They do not face much expectation neither from their husband, nor from other women. A woman must wear an abaya, jilleba which looks clean, elegant and most of all it hides their body. They wear hijab or burqa, which means that they do not need to worry about how their hair looks. Their one and only part of their body that is exposed, is their face, or their eyes. That is why the most popular feature of Arabic women is their eyes. They can apply various make-ups on their eyes and they do so, as the only beauty routine of the day. Those who can expose their face wear make up, but rouge is not tolerated, which means, that the eye is the most underlined area in a woman’s face.

Arabic men love their wives how they are normally, and if they are a little fat it is all the better. Even many women take special tablets in order to gain more weight. Unbelievable but true! So, things like liposuction are not really used over here, unless someone wants a western ideal, which is normally a woman herself. You can notice, that the Abaya or jilleba suit better for women who have some fat on them. If you are not the thin type, you should definitely try some on, and take some back home with you.

The one and only area of their body that some women dislike is their big tummy. Therefore, that is why there is more asking for tummy tucks called abdominoplasty, which is a smaller surgery, meant to take out fat from the stomach and strengthen the abdominal muscles, to create a flatter, better-looking stomach. This is for the waistline also, to look better. There are two rather big lines remaining after abdominoplasty and the healing time is long, can take up to six months even, so many get frightened by this and go for the easier liposuction, which is a very short procedure leaving only one small scar.

However, the most important cosmetic surgery applied in the Arabic countries for women is the eyes. These include eye bag removals; applying Botox in the underline area. Women from around their thirties often want stretching or sagging removals. The doctors also apply incisions inside the eyelids, especially the lower eyelid. This avoids eye from scarring for a long time. This operation is conducted under anaesthesia and the healing time is about 1.5 – 2 months. During the recovering time, there are blurry eyes, bruising and watery eyes.

These are the most common types of cosmetic surgery which are popular in the Arabic world and with so, in Dubai as well. Of course, Dubai pays attention to all the Westerners, needing all sorts of cosmetic and beauty surgery including breast enlargement, liposuction, nose jobs and hair implanting. The price of surgery is considerably cheaper here, so many go for this type of holiday in Dubai as well.

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