Luxurious Rings by Pandora

Pandora is a Denmark based jewellery brand, which by today, has become one of the biggest urban jewellery brands in Europe. The brand today has stores in every bigger cities of Europe and they are famous for making jewellery from an extreme range of metals, in all price range, providing users with the same high reel quality and design. Pandora has recently opened its showrooms in Dubai, the capital of jewellery trading in the Middle East. In our article, we will look at Pandora rings and we will check out where you can get to buy them in Dubai.

While Pandora Jewellery likes to work with gold the majority of their rings are made out of silver or Sterling Silver. The great thing about Pandora is, that they love to use all sorts of beautiful semi precious stones, such as: Opal, Amethyst, carnelian, crystal, aquamarine, garnet, Lapis Lazuli, just to mention a few examples, all of which make Pandora rings highly sophisticated, colourful and also outstanding. Apart from these, Pandora also has its exclusive collection with diamond, pearls and cultured pearls, which it includes in gold rings in its Pandora rings collections.

The style of Pandora rings is colourful, no matter you would like to have a trendy, high design or an elegant piece Pandora is great to visit. Apart from silver, they also offer oxidised silver, which only enhance the rings design and outlook. No matter you would like to have one stone rings, multi-stone rings, or rings without any stone Pandora rings have it all. Pandora rings also come in different sizes, from thin to thick; from rings to bands, the variety here is just amazing. Pandora rings, which offer diamonds often, come in form of Pavé rings, which means a special setting of miniature diamond pieces in a ring. The Dew Drops on Flowers collection is one especially outstanding collection of Pandora rings that shows how high quality is the design of Pandora rings. Engagement rings of Pandora can be found n its “He Loves Me” collection coming out in outstanding designs, and if you would like vintage style ring, then check out its Heritage collections. Apart from vintage, you can even spot here antique looking silver and gold rings.

If you like silver rings, then your place is definitely here at Pandora, where you can see one of the biggest and most beautiful collections of silver of all sorts, from big to thin, bold or with stone decorations, each one of them look just great! Check out the Liquid Silver collections of Pandora rings that really give back the beauty of Silver. If you want to see some of the unique creations, check out its Sterling silver band that comes with light purple enamel or white enamel.

Pandora also offers something new on the jewellery market. On its website, you can actually design your own creations of Pandora rings and you can make each one of these come true. The advantage of ring design at Pandora is that you can actually see the ingredients out of which you can choose from while designing Pandora rings. In Dubai, Pandora rings are located in Mall of the Emirates, Mercato, Deira City Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall and the Dubai Mall. Cara Jewellers, a Dubai brand having store in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park also keeps Pandora rings in its collection. Once, you are in Dubai, or if you live there, do not miss checking out on the collection of Pandora Jewellery, which you can find in every Dubai downtown shopping malls. Pandora rings look great and you can find one in the best suitable price range for you.

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