Magrudy Mall Dubai

Shopping malls in Dubai are always one of the reasons why this land is the most visiting and attracted. Dubai is famous worldwide for shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Dubai is known as a city of gold. Secondly, its shopping centres have made this land a hub of markets. Dubai is a tourist resort. It is the best venue where you can enjoy your vacations with friends and family. Dubai basically earns its fame as a tourist resort. This encourages investors and they invest their money heavily on shopping centres and malls. It has become one of the top business venues and known in the world as a commercial city. Magrudy Mall is one of the reasons behind this sky-touching fame of Dubai.

Magrudy Mall is recently introduced in the market and it has gained an international reputation in very short period. It is first incorporated in the heart of this wonderful city. Now more than fifty branches of Magrudy Mall are introduced in all big and famous cities. Among these cities, they have established their outlets in Beijing, New Delhi, Bombay, Riyadh, London, New York and Cape Town. Dubai has proved a God gifted land for Magrudy Mall. They are very well established here and enjoying a very healthy share in the market.

Magrudy Mall is beautifully constructed. It is widely open and spacious. You can enjoy shopping with friends and family in a very peaceful and healthy environment. This mall has a very good reputation. Only branded products are traded here. You can purchase wide variety of garments, shoes, bags, kitchenware, household, electronic appliances, jewellery and much more, under one roof. Professional staff of Magrudy Mall is always there to facilitate the customers. Gold jewellery in the mall is a significant feature.

Magrudy Mall is always famous for its restaurants and cafes. A very big open court is made available for public where they can sit and enjoy dining. You can also enjoy the services of professional boutiques, beauty parlours and saloons. ATM machines are also installed in Magrudy Mall to facilitate its customers. A very big parking facility is also available around Magrudy Mall. You can easily enter in the mall. You will be just asked to prove your entity. Entry is free. Magrudy Mall remains open six days a week in Dubai. Friday is a public holiday. It is highly recommended to visit Magrudy Mall after sunset because of very hot weather in morning.

The administration of Magrudy Mall is planning to open its outlets in other cities also. They are focusing seriously in the expansion of their business. Currently they are trying to expand their premises of Magrudy Mall in Dubai. Actual address of the mall is Al Doha Street, Dubai. They can also be approached on telephone, at 971-4-3444009.

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