Majestic City Retreat Hotel

There is a lot of importance placed in today’s society on how things appear. A quick look at the world of politics makes clear the importance of spin in that environment. If a party says one thing it often does not matter if they do something entirely contradictory – they give the impression that they want the voters to have. This is replicated in a great many fields. The advertising business is based on giving impressions that, regardless of their accuracy, will sound good to individuals. There is no way of changing this – public perception is just that important. The positive thing is that in general, those who rise to the top will, more often than not, do so on merit because while first impressions are important they are less so than the lasting imprint.

It is fair to say, then, that a hotel going by the name “Majestic” could cause people to assume that the popularity of that hotel is based on the name. A quick look at photographs of the highly impressive edifice of the hotel could also lead one to argue that there is a contest of style and content going on, as the look and the name of the hotel are both very firm indicators of something quite special. Those with a tendency to be cynical may believe that it is a case of an impressive first glance, with nothing going on behind the mask. These are the kind of people who take a lot of convincing, and it is the job of people like the management of the Majestic Hotel Dubai to show that there is nothing of the sort going on.

The good news is that this is something which has been achieved in no small measure. As impressive as it looks and sounds, the Majestic lives up to its bold claims in a big way. The only way that a hotel can do this is by being strong on all the major things which, in the age before spin, were considered to be front and center when it came to making an impression. The quality of the rooms is first-rate. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed by the comfortable beds, and a worthwhile stay is made absolutely certain by the spacious rooms themselves. The needs of the customer come before everything else, and meeting those needs is the absolute acid test of any hotel. The Majestic comes up smelling of roses when you see a customer review.

Step out onto the balcony of a room at the Majestic, and be inspired by the views of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline. Visit one of its many restaurants – its Greek restaurant Elia is a particular favorite of visitors – and be won over by the quality and presentation of the food and the incredible efficiency and warmth of the staff. And the staff in the rest of the hotel demonstrate similar diligence when it comes to performing what is asked of them – whether it is a large request or a simple inquiry. The importance of customer service is something that is not lost on the Majestic – in fact, for them it is far more important than looks and surface impressions.

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