Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek

Staying in a hotel is something that leads people to have certain expectations. These expectations concern anything from the quality of service in the accommodation to the facilities on the site, as well as the location of the hotel itself. Being on holiday or on business in another city means that you cannot stay in your own home and have the comforts that you associate with it, so you will hope instead that the hotel furnishes you with a level of comfort that makes your stay feel worthwhile. It may not feel like home, but the best that you can hope for is that you do not feel as though you are staying in a soulless capsule. Even the most expensive of hotels can be prone to the feeling of disconnection that overseas visitors hate so much.

One thing that has become more prominent in the hotel business worldwide over the past decade is the serviced apartment. Rather than just spending your time in one room, you get the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. The apartment is furnished and set up more like a small everyday residence than a hotel room, yet it benefits from a cleaning service and other elements which are familiar to the frequent hotel customer. As a visitor to the city, you do not experience anywhere near as much of a sense of disconnection as might happen in a hotel room, no matter how large the room is. Often they are even furnished with a full-size kitchen which allows you to prepare a full meal as you would at home.

There are some names in the hotel business which speak immediately of quality. Some of these names are more familiar to a certain area, while others are big, worldwide names. One of the worldwide names is Marriott, a chain which has hotels in all the big cities as well as in many of the less well-known. Wherever you find a Marriott hotel, though, you can be guaranteed that the level of comfort and service will be of a very high order indeed. So when Marriott enter the world of executive apartments, you know that they are going to get it right. The Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek are an example of just how right they will get it. One by one, the people who stay at these apartments leave feedback saying just how much they felt at home.

The rooms are extremely spacious without making you feel as though you are drowning. In an apartment at the Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek you will find a high-quality music system which allows you to listen to the radio or any CDs you decide to bring along with you. The bedrooms are extremely comfortable, with beds that guarantee you a good night’s sleep. The complex is made up of two towers which are joined by a sky bridge, something which is a real selling point due to the incredible views it gives over the city. To feel at home in a city which is so dominated by the tourist industry is no small thing, and Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek allow you to feel just like that.

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