Mashreq Bank in Dubai

Mashreq Bank is one of the leading banks of the United Arab Emirates. Mashreq Bank operates all over the Emirates and in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sudan. The Mashreq Bank’s leader is Abdullah Al Ghurair who is also famous for setting up Dubai’s first shopping mall the Al Ghurair Shopping Mall with their head office being right next to this spectacular shopping and residence centre.

The main branches of Mashreq Bank can be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain yet not exclusively. The Mashreq Bank is known to be one of the most evolving banks, having celebrated its 50th birthday in 2017 it was the first Dubai bank that had its ATMs and the first to issue credit and debit cards for its clients. Today, Mashreq is one of the market leading banks and offers dozens of different services both for individuals and for businesses as well. Offshore branches of Mashreq Bank can be found all over the world, namely in the UK and US, all over Asia and Africa too. Mashreq Bank, although not fully Islamic bank has its own Islamic section of banking called Al Badr Al Islami. Mashreq Bank is also licensed to operate at the Dubai International Financial Centre. The brokerage section of the bank operated under the name Mashreq Securities and just started to open its branches all over the United Arab Emirates.

It is interesting to note that Mashreq Bank first opened in Dubai under the name of Bank of Oman in 1967. The bank is officially listed on the Dubai Financial Stock Market and it was the best bank of Dubai in multiple times. Mashreq Bank is just executing an internal refurbishment of its services and activities that is to end by this year.

Internationally Mashreq Bank only has agreements with China Union Pay; therefore, holders of these cards can freely use the ATMs of Mashreq Bank. Today, it was first that this bank has introduced cash-back cards in the UAE. The bank has 60 branches within the UAE and more than 240 ATMs. Naturally, the highest number of branches is to be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi the so-called two capital cities of the Emirates. There is a Mashreq Bank in every big shopping mall and in almost every district of Dubai with its biggest centres being in the Mall of the Emirates Fashion Dome, on the Khalifa street in Abu Dhabi and at the Entrepreneur Business Village by the Deira Clock Tower.

Mashreq Bank offers diverse Personal and Corporate services. Having been among the first banks to implement online banking services, the bank offers shopping discounts, all sorts of extra services, personal and business loans and student-banking solutions. Its loyalty program called Salaam offers clients the chance to earn reward points with each spending for which one can get gift vouchers that they can spend at the given stores. All in all Mashreq Bank is one outstanding UAE bank definitely worth your trust.

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