Meydan Racetrack

If you are in Dubai and want to taste some of Dubai’s unique attractions, then you should definitely visit one of the world-famous racecourses, the Dubai Meydan Racetrack. As part of the Meydan city complex already hosts the biggest horseracing events in the world. Then, when would you ever see any racecourse where betting is prohibited?

In order to know more about the Dubai Meydan Racetrack, let us look back to the history of horseracing in Dubai. Interestingly, horseracing has become accessible in the Middle East relatively late. It is no wonder, in one of the countries, which have the camels on the first place, when using an animal for transportation. Due to this, the interest toward the culture of horseracing only started in 1980 when the very first horseracing was held in the Emirates. To make the situation even harder, horses were for a long time allowed neither to enter, nor to be transported outside the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Racing Club, the first and main horseracing club was found in the early 1990’s in its action officially stating the will of the Emirates to take part in the international Horseracing life. In the same year, the very first racecourse of Dubai, the Nad Al Sheba racecourse opened its doors to host the Emirates’ first ever horserace event.

The Dubai Meydan Racetrack today is the biggest, having the longest tracks, the widest variety of both horse-connected and other different facilities and attractions. The establishing of the Dubai Meydan Racetrack has been first announced in 2007 and it got ready as planned, for the 2010 Dubai World Cup, Dubai’s own horseracing contest, together with the Dubai International Racing Festival being one of its kind as an international celebration of the horse-keepers and racers.

Meydan Racetrack has its own hotels, restaurants and offers various other relaxing opportunities for both horse-friends and professional horse-keepers. The Meydan Hotel is the one and only Hotel, directly looking at the beautiful horse tracks of Dubai Meydan Racetrack. The complex also hosts a beautiful Horse Museum, where one can learn much about the history of horse keeping and racing, getting to know several types of horses with their characteristics, not to mention the exhibition of the countless tools used for horses. We can also visit the Meydan Gallery or the wonderful Meydan Marina, which offers attractions for the water-lovers.

Meydan Racetrack owns two large racetracks, one all weather and one turf-track, together with another two tracks of the same kind, but solely for training. One of the key-characteristics of Dubai Meydan Racetrack include the monumental Grandstand which is a masterpiece of modern art, made out of metal and with the usage of a lot of glass surface with its vessel shape.

Meydan Racetrack would be part of the gigantic Meydan complex, sill uncompleted, which would consist three other parts, the Meydan Metropolis, the Meydan Horizons and the Meydan Godolphin parks.

One can freely visit the Meydan Racetrack, to enjoy the beautiful nature and heart-warming atmosphere of its beautiful sites. The Dubai Meydan Racetrack is open every day.

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