More About Passion Jewelers

Passion Jewelers is one of the many Dubai jewelry makers that have decided to move to the Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai. What make them outstanding are the special quality and the wide variety of their collections. Let us see what Passion Jewelry has on offer for us.

Passion Jewelers has been founded in Dubai and little after they have decided to move to the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, the new centre of jewelry market. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park represents a brand new strategy by means of jewelry making. Established by the huge Emaar Properties, the Gold and Diamond Park has the purpose of representing both jewelry makers and the customers with the best services. A Dubai jewelry maker and distributor can build up the whole business over here within the complex, as with the rental, he will have the workshop with all amenities. He will have the office to manage the business and of course, he will get a shop in the Visitors’ Centre too. This great business strategy is really a novelty and therefore a growing number of international jewelers have been working in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. Today the complex houses around 50 jewelry makers and shops and this numbers are growing continuously. The property works with leases, which means the rental of workshop, office and a selling space within the large complex. The duration of one lease is maximum 5 years. The jewelry makers can save up loads of money by setting up their offices here.

Passion Jewelers is one of the many local jewelry makers housed in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. They have been working here for many years with considerable success and great quality. Among their collections, we can find Dubai jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum, not to mention all the gold alloys they are using. They are among the few who also work with platinum offering a beautiful platinum collection and their wedding bands collections are more than notable. Their main area consists of the making of beautifully chiseled rings and pendants; their designs are unique, making their jewels outstanding, with a personality. Their collection of diamond pendants contains beautiful pieces. Their wedding band collection contains beautiful wedding rings where you can see the professionalism of combining several sorts of gold alloys in a masterful way with the inclusion of beautiful white diamonds. Their diamond rings offer a wide variety of beautiful rings where you can see the highest art of great designs, which really stand out of the crowd.

The collections of Passion Jewelers contain not only white diamonds but also rubies and onyx and we can get to see some beautiful precious and half-precious stones in their bracelet collection. Among their most unique and notable collections, we can see the Cocktail Rings collection containing really outstanding designs which reminds us to the 1930’ with their atmosphere; the big rings combine the black onyx with the white diamonds in shapes of flowers and other beautiful forms.

Overall, the beautiful Dubai jewelry collections of Passion Jewelers are really worth seeing and you should not miss them when you go to visit the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which contains some of the most beautiful examples on the professionalism of jewelry.

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