More About Reel Cinemas

Dubai is a commercial city and renowned in the world as the most beautiful tourist resort. People from all over the world love to visit this wonderful city with their friends and families. It has more than fifty percent population, which is not a pure resident of this land. Dubai is an attractive place to visit. There are so many recreational and entertaining venues here. Its shopping malls, markets, jewellery shops, cinemas, beaches attract tourist from all over the world. It is an ideal place where you can enjoy your honeymoon with your life partner. Dubai is also an ideal city for business. Big businessmen have started to invest heavily in projects.  It has become a trend and Dubai is regarded as the safest place for investment. Investors are spending their money on shopping malls and markets. Cinemas in Dubai are also one of the significant features of Dubai. This trend is recently introduced and it has gained a very good reputation in just few years. Reel Cinemas is one of the examples of these.

Reel Cinemas is a very good entry in the market and a very positive response from the public is received. Reel is an international group. It has so many projects which are running in all famous cities of the world. Its shopping malls are renowned worldwide. Cinema’s projects are recently started and Dubai has proved a God gifted land for this group. Reel Cinema is a chain of projects of this group. There are more than fifty Reel Cinemas established worldwide. In Dubai, you can approach Reel Cinemas at Doha Street, Off 1st Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Reel Cinemas is constructed by one of the famous architecture. It has a modern constructed style. Reel Cinemas is an award winning entity. According to facts and figures, it was awarded first prize in 2011 on the basis of services and attendance.

Reel Cinemas remain open seven days a week but in Dubai, it remains closed on Fridays only. It also offers the services of a gallery for artists. Traditional exhibitions are also in Reel Cinemas. It is an entertaining venue where you can enjoy your best time with your friends and family. The cinema has fourteen thousand parking capacity under properly covered area. You can enjoy watching movies, theatres, concerts and much more. Tickets are easily available in Reel Cinemas’ regional offices. You can also book your ticket online as well. Security arrangements at Reel Cinemas are splendid. Services of an international security agency are availed for its safeguard. It is a beautiful venue where you can relax in your leisure time and enjoy the best of your time in a peaceful and healthy environment. Reel Cinemas has twenty-two mega screens. It is first UAE THX certified cinema. It is the biggest cinema in United Arab Emirates.

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