Nayomi Lingerie in Dubai

Nayomi which has been catering to the needs and wants of the Middle Eastern woman since a very long time has now turned it eyes towards the needs of the women all round the globe. Nayomi which was created 10 years ago as a retail concept has today emerged as one of the leading lingerie brands, not only in the region but in the world. The brand was originally started with the specific idea of creating a selection of lingerie especially designed to cater to the tastes of women in the region. It has a distinct edge over many of the leading lingerie brands. They discovered that all women love shopping and they indulge in it with gay abandon. But, it is only when it comes to lingerie or innerwear, that things come to a grinding halt, and it becomes a totally hushed matter.

Nayomi has found out that lingerie is the closest garment to a woman’s body and she would like that to be soft, comfortable, and delightful to wear. ‘Nayomi’ in Arabic means soft and delicate and they live up to their name – all their garments are soft and delicate, and all the ladies enjoy wearing them. It manufactures feminine lingerie and nightwear made from some of the best and softest fabrics in the world. The brand which has been offering high quality products to its customers in the Gulf region has now entered the world market. Nayomi has 126 stores in the region which are spread over in more than 30 Gulf cities. It goes without saying that their products are made of the finest fabrics using the finest technology. Their styles, designs, patterns, and range are as good as any other international brand; and of course, their prices are extremely competitive too, and therefore, other brands find Nayomi a tough nut to crack.

Some of the salient features about Nayomi lingerie is that they are made with superior quality fabrics in bright and vibrant colors which makes them look attractive and appealing to one and all. The use of superior quality fabric and use of excellent designs in matching shades brings out the woman in you and makes you look and feel a woman all over. Have a look and you will marvel at their products. Look at their display and you will see that full cup, half cup, balconette, wired, padded, backless, and strapless bras in appealing designs and exciting colors are available in their stores. Equally attractive briefs, boxers, bikinis, strings, thongs in various colors and designs are found here. And, of course, one of their specialties is shapewear control briefs.

Wearing Nayomi lingerie promises you sheer luxury – the pleasure and comfort that you obtain by wearing their fabrics has to be seen to be believed. See their babydoll sets, nightwear, long and short dress sets, two-piece Capri and pajama sets – they are bound to set your soul on fire.

In a nutshell you can say that Nayomi celebrates the femininity of women and believes that every woman is mysterious. And Nayomi helps the woman to let that mystery unfold before their eyes. Would you not like to discover that mystery? Well, go in for Nayomi.

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