Nightlife at Oud Metha

Oud Metha is a great international district located not far from Dubai Creek and the Bur Dubai districts with great transportation facilities to every zone of Dubai. Oud Metha is a colourful place when it comes to Dubai nightlife with the Al Nasr Leisureland located over there and with several schools and international clubs operating on its area.

Oud Metha also hosts complexes like the Lamcy Plaza shopping mall and the Wafi City, which is not just a shopping mall, but also a complete entertaining and shopping complex featuring ancient Egyptian style in its area. Oud Metha also hosts the India Club with the Indian High School, a Pakistani and a Christian educational complex, the Iranian Club and several private schools. The district also accommodates the American Hospital with several hotels all around it. Entertainment facilities are mainly concentrated in the Southern side of Oud Metha, in and around the Lamcy Plaza and the Wafi City. One centre of Dubai nightlife in the area is the Raffles Hotel featuring a great nightclub called “People by Crystal” which is great for a dressing-up and its among the trendiest disco bars in Dubai. Raffles does host several more clubs, such as the Crossroads Bar where you can get pretty good cocktails and can serve as a great pre- or post partying place and the RED Lounge terrace, perfect to enjoy Dubai nightlife at an open-air club with great music playing.

Apart from the Cheers, there is also disco within the Chi called Chi the Lodge and it is a favourite clubbing scene of many having such guests as Busta Rhymes having a great large open-air dance floor together with a large air-conditioned inner bar. Chi is definitely a great place for enjoying Dubai nightlife with friends.

In the Al Nasr Leisureland there is also a great Dubai nightlife place called Chi hosting various types of pubs and restaurants, among which the newest is Cheers Pub, which is an English/American style pub, giving home to many rock concerts and the Rock Asylum event. For some different music tones, visit the Keva nightclub of Oud Metha, having great dark toned Oriental interiors with electronic music playing. Chi is definitely an important part of Dubai nightlife within the Oud Metha district.

The Wafi City also serves Dubai nightlife with several great restaurants. Inside, you may find Carter’s which is a so-called gastro-pub which in this context means that its rather a restaurant than a pub but has a really wide offer of both drinks and dishes and its colonial interior looks simply stylish. It is perfect for a family evening. Another great place over here is the Spanish themed Seville offering live Spanish guitar performance and outdoor seating for its guests. Do not miss the Rooftop and the Wafi Vintage clubs whole you are over there. Nearby the Wafi City, getting closer to the Dubai Creek, you can find the huge five Star Grand Hyatt where the Cooz bar offers a great time for all the lovers of jazz music and it is a great example on how colourful Dubai nightlife can be.

As you see there are plenty of great scenes of Dubai nightlife in Oud Metha and for sure you won’t be bored no matter what’s your taste in music, you will find the one place made for you. Dubai nightlife in Oud Metha is great and colourful and some of its clubs and restaurants are a must-visit no matter which part of Dubai you are staying at.

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