Nike Sportswear in Dubai

Dubai is known for providing original fashion brands. Other than fashion, people have now paying more attention to their luxury clothing even in the daily routine activities. Such activities could also include sports and one can witness many high profile brands in Dubai serving for this purpose. Among these brands, Nike sportswear is the oldest and most reliable acclaimed brand in Dubai.

The men collection of Nike Sportswear has all to gear up a perfect athlete in you. The Nike id collection brings the shoes that provide absolute speed and comfort to the feet. The shoe possessing the casual outlook has the rubber cushion to provide ultimate luxury even in fast running. The high quality leather used in shoes is the guarantee of its durability. The track and field collection of men has the perfect variety of sportswear. From embroidered soft hoodies to the classic touch of screen-printed t-shirts, each product provides the pure material in its making and absolute reliability in its performance. The collection also offers track jackets with lightweight fabric and classic designing of its zippers that has bring ease in its clothing. The rise as one collection by Nike Sportswear is an inspiration from the exciting game of basketball. The basketball theme screen-printing has well compensated with the pure cotton and easy to fit jackets and t-shirts. The shoes have presented the daring contrast of colours and with the feeling of an absolute smooth heel.

One of the unique collection in sportswear is My Time is Now. The collection has thrown light on the old school days and classic touch of vintage designing. The old stripes are presented with retro new look and keeping the true comfort in mind. Nike shoes are distinguished with the style in the making of the shoe. The air force 1 collection is about providing the maximum comfort to heel while the air max gives the rubber sole and enhance more cushioning with the presence of commendable hoops. Almost all the categories of the shoes come with comfortable cushioning as well as the high quality leather that gives the immense durability.

Looking at the women inclination towards sports over many years has contributed in manufacturing the same competent products for women as well. The Nike id and track and field collection has followed the same theme of designing and durable material while the new collection in this category is She runs LA. Such collections other than shoes have contributed a lot in giving a new trend to it. The same excellence of product can be highly observed in other products as well. Each Nike sportswear has promised to provide the ultimate comfort and power for the sport.

The Nike sportswear in Dubai Mall is a huge store with complete extraordinary collection of sportswear. The wide store not only deals with the accessible products, but also deals with customized designing as well. To experience the ultimate fun of shopping sportswear, visit the store that will provide you timeless collection.

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