Nuran Marina Residences

How many times have you stayed in a hotel which has made you feel truly at home? The nature of a hotel is not, sadly, very conducive to feeling that way – rather than a home from home, a hotel room is usually more like a capsule into which you squeeze your life for a few days. On holiday this does not seem to matter so much, because you will spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the city where you are on holiday. When you fancy a day away from the sights and sounds, or if you are in the city on business and are not of a mind to do much sight-seeing anyway, you will often find that the four walls of a hotel room, however ornate, can come to feel like a rather comfortable prison cell. Comfortable, pleasant, no doubt, but somehow claustrophobic.

The advent of the serviced apartment, therefore, could not possibly have come soon enough. A serviced apartment takes what is wonderful about a hotel – the service and the help of a hotel – and takes away the things that you don’t like so much, that is to say (usually) the lack of space, or in any case the lack of division within the accommodation. In a serviced apartment you have the bedroom, living quarters and kitchen which make up a small but perfectly formed apartment anywhere. The addition of service staff makes everything a little bit more pleasant for the visitor, particularly if they are in a new country some distance from home. The idea of serviced apartments has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it is not difficult to see why.

It is quite a refreshing idea. Of course, there is a lot that can go wrong with serviced apartments, not least that in a poor serviced apartment complex you are likely to find that the owner has taken the idea of “self service” to its absolute logical extension by providing almost nothing. The fact that the people running Nuran Al Majara Residences have avoided this error makes for an excellent holiday experience. Whether it is the little details like complimentary newspapers, the useful extras like maid service and free Internet use or the hotel-styled facilities, the Nuran Al Majara Residences will have that little extra that makes you doubly glad to have booked there.

The result of the advent of serviced apartments is that there is now no reason for overseas travel to automatically lead to “cabin fever” – that horrible sense that you are locked in somewhere alien and have no scope to live life the way you are used to. Although we all enjoy a stay in a nice hotel, serviced apartments like the Nuran allow you to enjoy that while also enjoying the freedom to cook for yourself, and save money by not having to eat in restaurants every day. For the experienced traveler, the Nuran Al Majara Residences in Dubai make for a really worthwhile alternative to a conventional hotel.

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