Popular Cosmetic Brands in Dubai

Dubai is the place where women do love to use all sorts of cosmetic products. Until recently, cosmetics merely consisted of applying make-up, but these times, Dubai women are also more and more interested in cosmetic products. When we look around the cosmetic products in Dubai, we will see impacts on the cosmetic industry from the other Arabic countries, from Africa and from Asia. Apart from Dubai and all the rest of Arabic countries, the other places where skin-lightening products are very popular are Asia and the entire African continent.

Being born with darker skin, and to see all the American and European stars with white skin, unfortunately makes many women want lighter skin too. This false ideal is though so hard to make people not to believe. The Dubai cosmetic industry also sells the types of products of cosmetic brands that we do not get to see in Europe.

These contain lighter or heavier amounts of acids that bring one or multiple shade lighter skin to its wearers. These sorts of products mainly come from Japan where women still firmly believe that the white skin is the main sign of beauty. Women in Dubai buy Japanese brands like Shiseido, containing skin-lightening products in extreme numbers.

Even the most popular brands as L’Oreal or Garnier sell skin-lightening crèmes in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Unfortunately as there are still many women who believe in white beauty, so they get to local magicians, and get undefined products from them for cosmetic or other reasons. Many times, there are even deadly accidents because of these beliefs.

Dubai souks are also selling dozens of North African, Middle Eastern or Asian cosmetics. The Henna always remains a favourite among Arabic women, who love to apply it on their hands and feet when there is any celebration at home. Funny thing, which you can only notice on old people today in any Arabic country, was the wave of a tattoo among women, and there were thousands of women making this tattoo, which consist of lines just under the lips, on the top of the chin area. Of course, ever since those who made it is feeling sorry about that.

Popular make-up brands include Maybelline or MAC for the rich; however, locals still buy make-up in the souk, where they are the cheapest. These are mainly Chinese and Indian make-up sets.

Other interesting cosmetic feature of the Arabic world is the usage of perfumed oil, which has quite a strong smell, enough to hide any other smells everywhere. You can see these oils in the souks. Then, there are the Hamam products.

Hamam is a bath and steam bath getting extremely famous all around the world. It is about spending some hours washing you multiple times with many types of soaps. It is good for the body and good for the soul. In fact, this is among the very few places where Muslim women can freely go with their children. Hamam products include some nice soaps and shampoo, which is sold in small bags in Arabic countries. Popular shampoo includes Pantene.

So, you see, how diverse and colourful is the cosmetic life of Dubai, with tons of beauty products, cosmetic brands all having their items here. Look around in the souks first, so that you can see the many choices and it is the souk where you can buy them for the cheapest price.

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