Popular LG Mobile Retailers of Dubai

LG is the largest South Korean multinational company and fifth largest mobile manufacturer of the world. The company was established in 1947 with the name of Lucky-Goldstar that was changed, when the company moved into the international market. The foundation of LG mobile phones was laid when LG started its electronic department in 1958. The company introduced first set of CDMA mobile phones in 1997 that were supplied to American communication companies. After, entering the international and local market, LG mobile phones gained popularity due to their fine quality and affordable prices. LG mobile phones made their mark in the industry in 1999, when the company launched their first digital phones. The digital range of phones were first of their kind and gave the company competitive edge on other mobile manufacturers at that time. Another technology that made LG mobile phone famous in the international market is the introduction of wireless internet technology. LG was the first company to introduce wireless technology in its mobile phones because it has partnered with some of the leading wireless service providers of the world.

Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East and it has retailer stores from all leading mobile brands in the world. Natives of Dubai can easily buy the mobiles from authorized dealers in the city. Some of the famous dealers of LG mobile phones are LLG Lifestyle at Dubai Mall, Fono Store and Al Mobile Shop.

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