Prada Designer Eyewear in Dubai

Parade sunglasses are branded eyewear from the house of Italian fashion house Prada. This fashion house was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother. In the start the company specialized in manufacturing and supplying leather goods, but with the passage of time the company expanded its operation and range of products. It was in 1999, when the company joined De Rigo and decided to start its sunglasses. The Prada sunglasses became an instant hit in the market because of their unique design and styles. These sunglasses were designed by considering the latest fashion trends of the industry and therefore, they offered a unique style and persona to the wearer.

Prada sunglasses are not just stylish, they are practical too. These sunglasses are manufactured by using state of the art technology and techniques.

Prada sunglasses are preferred all over the world especially in Middle East cities like Dubai because of their unique features and style. Some of the most noticeable features offered by these glasses are

• Unique shapes: The women range of Prada sunglasses are offered in variety of shapes like heart, rectangular, oval and spherical. Some shapes of these sunglasses not only give protection to the eye area only, they also cover the large part of check and therefore, protect it from harmful UV rays.

• Lenses quality: Prada is an established name in the fashion industry. Therefore, to match its repute, the company focuses on providing best quality lenses in their sunglasses range. Lenses affect the clarity and weight of the sunglasses and Prada ensure high quality lenses to offer finest vision and lightest weight to its wearer. The company uses state of the art technology to ensure that lenses remain durable and scratch resistant for longer time period.

• Unique Colors: Apart from the quality and shape of sunglasses, Prada also focus on providing wide range of colors in their sunglasses. The colors in Prada sunglasses are often hard to find and therefore, they can be matched and worn on every type of occasion, with any type of dress.

Prada sunglasses are categorized in different variety based on their colors, design and lenses. All these varieties are easily available in leading Malls of Dubai. Some of the famous varieties offered by this brand are,
• Prada Illusion: This range of Prada sunglasses is inspired from ski masks and offer wide lenses. This range of sunglasses is available in unique colors like orange and black.

• Prada Dixie: This range of Prada sunglasses in inspired from fifties fashion trend in America. These sunglasses have the cat eye shapes frames with brow line. This line of sunglasses is somewhat modernized by introducing wrapped temples and unique colors.

Prada is the most famous brand in {Dubai} because of its connection with the elite and unique styling. The company has various authorized dealers in Dubai, who are sell authentic Prada sunglasses at reasonable cost. Some of the famous dealers of Prada in Dubai are Prada Dubai Saks, Prada store in Mall of Emirates and Prada Dubai Mall.

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