Prima Gold Jewellery in Dubai

Prima Gold Jewellery company was established in 1994 by the Pranda Group of companies that specialized in making 24K pure gold jewellery. The first main outlet of Prima gold jewellery was inaugurated in Thailand, but now the company has expanded its operation in all parts of the world especially in Dubai Middle East. This company was established with the vision to provide unique and extra ordinary gold designs to its customers. Now, with years of experience, research and advance technology the company has become the leading supplier of the exquisite and unique gold jewellery pieces. Prima gold is preferred choice for most women in Dubai because their gold designs are distinctive and made from purest 24k gold.

Each gold piece offered by this company is a masterpiece in itself because of the vision of the designers and effort of the artisans. The designers at Prima gold have years of international experience which reflect upon their work and designs. Every piece at this company is unique from one another and reflects the unique expression and bold artistry of the craftsman. The company offers two qualities of gold in their pieces, the 24k and 18k. Moreover, the company also deals in silver and diamond ornaments.

Prima gold Jewellery is divided in two categories based on the purity and level of gold used in the pieces. Some of the jewellery pieces are made with 18k gold and some are made from pure 24 k gold. The pieces offered under the category of 24k include ladies rings, men’s rings, earrings, brooches, tie pins, cufflinks, bengals, pendants and bridal sets. Prima gold jewellery company is the first one to introduce gold men’s collection in Dubai. Moreover, they are also the first jewellery company that ensures the purity of the gold through proper certification of the company. In 18k range the company offer the same jewellery piece with only different in the quantity of gold.

Prima Gold Jewellery – Silver range:
Apart, from offering the finest quality and design of gold in Dubai, the company also provides some of the finest jewellery piece in metal like silver. The variety of silver jewellery offered by prima gold jewellery include {rings}, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cufflinks, tie pins and brooches. All these pieces are designed and crafted with much precision and care so the quality of the jewellery piece is not compromised. People who can’t afford pure gold jewellery items, often like to buy the silver prima sets because they offer same uniqueness and style. Moreover, the silver jewellery pieces are much more practical than the gold one’s and therefore, is preferred choice for professional women of Dubai.

Prima Gold Jewellery – diamond range:
Apart, from gold and silver the prima gold jewellery company also deals in precious stones like diamond. The variety offered in diamond set includes Aluna, Breuning, Kodoma and Scinitilla. Aluna is the exciting and unique collection of diamond rings, whereas, Breuning include a combination of 18k gold and precious stone studded sets. Kodoma is the name given to diamond jewellery sets specially designed for unique women or women of substance in Dubai.

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