Raffles Dubai

One thing that people say again and again when the subject of Dubai arises is that the city lacks something of a personal touch that it relies on a sense of style over substance, which makes it difficult to warm too even if it is highly impressive. More than occasionally you will even hear people venture the word bling as a descriptor for this city. While that sounds a little harsh, there is reason for such a description, as Dubai is without a doubt one of those cities that puts on a show in order to catch your eye. If you are looking for a quiet city which is steeped in historic architecture, then Dubai will be some way down your list. If you want to experience the tourist lifestyle in comfort and style, then there is every reason that you should consider a trip here.

One thing that could never be leveled as an accusation against the city of Dubai is that it hides its light under a bushel. In point of fact, the people who have put the modern day city of Dubai together know very well what they have to offer, and they make sure that it is offered in such a way that potential visitors cannot fail to be impressed. It is also a city that does its best to offer something for everyone. Whatever your nationality or background, a visit to Dubai will not force you to feel far away from home, as there is a real effort to cater to every culture you could think of from American to French, English to Irish, from Italian to Mexican, and the full gamut also of Middle Eastern styles.

Raffles Dubai is a hotel that demonstrates the city’s love of grandeur. The theme for the hotel is Egyptian. Perhaps unsurprisingly this has led to it being designed and built in the shape of a pyramid, although the hotel could certainly not be mistaken for one of the famed pyramids of Giza there was very little glass used in their construction, after all. At the base of the pyramid there are columns that put you in mind of the stories from your school days, and yet for anyone who is feeling that the Raffles Dubai is sounding rather tacky, the whole thing works exceptionally well. There is a certain amount of suspension of cynicism required to enjoy it as it is intended, but if you are game for that then the Raffles is an excellent location for a stay.

The hotel is most strongly recommended if you are in Dubai for a holiday with friends, as there is a lot of nightlife and plenty of excursions available. The hotel is located directly adjacent to the WAFI Mall, which is packed with excellent restaurants including the Ashok Indian restaurant and numerous Arabic options too. If you are happy to spend your days shopping and your evenings dancing, then this is a perfect place for you, with a nightclub on the lower levels of the hotel which does not suffer as some in the area do from problems of anti-social behavior. In general, Raffles is a location that makes a bold statement, knowing it is able to back it up.

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