Ramee Hotel Apartments

Dubai is rapidly gaining ground on its competitors for the Dollars, Pounds and Euros of international tourists. Part of the reason for this is the endless invention of urban planners and hoteliers who each do their level best to outdo the competition with more ambitious and jaw-dropping displays of ostentation and opulence. Although at the moment the title is held by the Burj al Arab, plans are permanently afoot to outdo the last guy to build an amazing hotel, and as a result the tourists who visit Dubai in their millions every year have always got freedom of choice in respect of a great hotel. However, at that end of the market it is not rare to find that the room rates are spectacularly high, and preclude anyone traveling on a budget.

Although the above is certainly noticeable if you are looking for the most famous, highly-rated hotels in Dubai – an overnight stay for less than $500 is rare in such places – it is not the case in every hotel, and even the less expensive hotels generally have a lot to recommend them. Where there is competition for custom, there will inevitably be bargains to be had, and you can find a perfectly good hotel for less than $150 per night if you know where to look. Among the best hotels in this price range there is the Ramee Hotel Apartments – a location that gives you the benefit of having hotel service with home comfort. The importance of both of these elements cannot be overestimated.

One of the most refreshing things about Dubai is the level of variety. Due in no small part to its importance as a tourist destination, the city has diversified endlessly. Partly as a result of this, the exciting part of the experience for many is that everything is spread out across the city rather than crammed into the city center. Wherever you are in Dubai, there is always something worth seeing or doing nearby. Close to the Ramee Hotel Apartments you will find no shortage of spellbinding markets and restaurants, and a large 24-hour shopping center which is a real life saver if you arrive late in the city. Nearby is the Ramada Hotel which is considerably more expensive as a place to stay, but has no problems with non-residents using its excellent café restaurant. Also a short distance away is the river, which gives you the option of experiencing the boat ride to other parts of the city and is highly recommended.

For such a low price, it could be a legitimate concern that the Ramee Hotel Apartments would suffer from poorer service and comfort as compared to more expensive locations. However this is not something that one need worry about, as in fact the apartments are scrupulously clean and serviced by some of the friendliest staff you could possibly wish to meet. The money you save on accommodation will more than cover the price of taxis to the busier parts of the city where you can spend your time and money in the more famous spots and enjoy the Dubai you read about in the press. For this purpose, the Ramee Hotel Apartments are admirably appropriate.

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