Recommended Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai

By far, Dubai is the best place for culinary expeditions. As the metropolis is full of all nations, finding of any type of cuisine is not a problem over here. You can eat Thai one day and Indian on the other. This enormous town has offers for everyone. Referring to the most fashionable cuisines in Dubai, we must mention the Lebanese restaurants. The number is Lebanese is extremely high in Dubai, so it is no wonder that the Lebanese restaurants are the most common to find over here.

Lebanese Cuisine is quite popular in Dubai, for many reasons. First, because of the high number of Lebanese expats, who love going out, eating out and dance and for this reason they have many places to do these activities. The second reason is, that the Lebanese cuisine is really good! Lebanese restaurants has the fatuous salad, which is a great freshly mixed salad suitable for all sorts of grilled meat just like Lamb Chops which is also a popular food on offer in most Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. Other specialities include griller shrimp, the fantastic hummus, the spinach sambusak and we could go on. Dubai local cuisine has adapted many of these Lebanese specialities.

One can try out or eat all these Lebanese specialities in the most popular restaurants of Dubai. Now, let us see where we can go to taste the best of what Lebanese cuisine has to offer in town:

Al Tannour
Located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Sheikh Zayed Road, this famous restaurant is so easy to find. Perfect place for dinner, the Al Tannour does its best to please its customers, with all sorts of grills, fresh seafood and fresh salad. It is a great spot for you to start your culinary expedition. Al Tannour is one of the best places to see live-shows of belly dancers and listening to the great Lebanese Music.

Al Qasr
Now, this is a high luxury place, where you can really feel to get treatment like a King or Queen. Its beautiful terrace overlooks the tropical pool of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and currently this place is the most suggested if you want to taste the Lebanese and all Arabic specialities. Book your table in advance, as this place is highly visited!

This is a buffet style restaurant located in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the skyscraper city of Dubai, called Dubai Marina. A great place to start your day or to dine out as here you will find many specialities for you on offer.

Reem Al Bawadi
This is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the Jumeirah district. It has just all plates on offer for the hungry guests and the service is impeccable too. This is a must-try place, no matter for lunch or for dinner. It is quite crowded for this reason, so you had better reserved your table.

These are only a few Lebanese restaurants out of the dozens that are worth visiting while you are staying in Dubai. Lebanese restaurants are also the most popular places to be, so watch out for the crowd and get your table in advance. If one place is too crowded, just switch to another great restaurant, you may return there later. Dubai is very popular for its colourful offer of restaurants. If you want to see the most diverse restaurants in one place, go and visit the Karama district of Dubai.

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