Russian Cuisine in Dubai

It might seem strange talking about Russian restaurant in Dubai but indeed, if you are hungry for some Russian cuisine, then you have the chance to get it as and when you feel like. Dubai hosts several Russian restaurants that, due to the high number of Russian tourists and immigrants arriving for work, are going rather well.

Russian cuisine has many unique specialities some well known and some are least known, so you should give a try with tasting them. Russian people are famous for their big love for partying, singing and last but not least for their love of their homeland food. Let us see the best Russian restaurants for you to visit if you feel like getting in the Russian mood.

This is really a Russian style place, the interiors are created for the inside to seem snowy, and there is traditional music inside with folk and ballet dancers. In order to keep the “snow”, the Air Conditioner works very well to create a 15-degree temperature, so this is not the place to wear your bikini. The food of the restaurant is good and buttery. We recommend you to try the Stroganoff beef, the Chicken Kiev and the Vareniki Starter (pastry filled with cottage cheese and served with sour cream). Do not arrive before 22.30 H because this is a place where party starts late. Some suggest calling before your arrival to check out if there will be many people for that night otherwise the temperature brings down the fun atmosphere. The staffs are Russian so have patience when ordering.

A buffet style restaurant where everyone can choose whatever he or she feels like eating for a fixed price. According to those living in Dubai, this restaurant is the best to visit when there is a good daily deal on. Russians do not eat early, so do not think about a normal dinnertime if you will like visiting this place. 21.30H is the earliest suggested time to visit this restaurant. However, the food is fine, and the Spirate pie is great as well. There is live music, a band playing jazz every evening.

This is a unique place both in its looks and in its style. This is quite interestingly an Arabic, Russian, Uzbekistani restaurant serving specialities from all these three countries. The place looks interesting but fun as well. The staffs wear black, looking a bit like ninjas, but contrary to this, they are very nice and helpful. The restaurant is located in the Dubai Marina.

Now, this is really, what you expect Russian restaurants to be as it serves quite good Russian foods, packed with Russians and as a bonus, and there is a huge stuffed bear inside. Try the Stroganoff or the blinis and do not miss the famous Borsch soup. The place is also famous for their Golubtsy, which means wrapped veal. The Suvoroff is the most popular among tourists from Russia and locals.

As you see, there is a nice choice of Russian restaurants in Dubai. When it comes to international cuisine, Dubai is really an Nr.1 place to be. Try one of the above-suggested Russian restaurants as they give a great choice to taste the authentic Russian food.

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