Safa Park

Safa Park Dubai

Parks play a very important role in the daily life of the people of Dubai, as it is a place to relax and to take children out too. That is why parks life of Dubai is becoming more and more popular paired with other attractions. Safa Park is one of the highly visited parks located in the centre of Dubai. Safa Park or as they call there Al Safa is a great place to visit if one wants to relax a little from the continuous stress and hurry of modern life, from which Dubai is not an exception anymore.

Safa Park is located near the beach of Dubai and near the Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main road of Dubai connecting all the areas. Safa Park is one of the oldest parks of Dubai, having been reconstructed both in 1984 and from ’89 to ’92 to serve the modern needs of both locals and tourists. Great efforts have been made to make Safa Park a beautiful place with the transportation of tens of thousands of different plants, palm trees and bushes out of which a huge and beautiful great lawn has been made in Safa Park. This park is now full of beautiful gardens, fountains with many artificial lakes, offering lots of relaxing possibilities to all its visitors. It has diverse areas such as the Games Area for children, the Ladies Park Area where women with children can spend a good time. Then, there is the sport games area where there are many sports facilities such as tennis and swimming pools and even includes football field and other fields for all the different ball games.

Picnic is a very popular activity of Arabic people, so the Safa Park is also no exception. There are many picnic and barbecue areas where families can have a great time out in the Safa Park. Thinking of children, there is also a little Park train, which is one of the most popular attractions all over the Safa Park. There are also a couple of funny labyrinths made out of bushes, where children can play. There is a whole area in Safa Park specifically designed for displaying the beauty of water coming from fountains. Some of the lakes are so big that we can admire the birds of many kinds enjoying their water. One can spend a long time here, watching the relaxed water of it the lakes, some of which has fishes in them. The park also has an international area representing different cultures with little buildings and different plans and gardening methods. One can also see the beauty of the traditional Arabic gardens as well. This site offers an oriental area where one can be amazed of the beauty of Japanese and Chinese gardens. Safa Park hosts an amphitheatre build to represent many shows and entertainment programmes.

Safa Park is the best to seen a few hours before dawn is setting, especially in the summer when people cannot spend much time outside during the day, because of the heat. One can enjoy all the beauties and attractions of this great park from time to time. The entrance fee to Safa Park is 3-Dirham only and it is open all day from morning to 23:00.

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