Sahara Kingdom

If one is in Dubai, or well oriented in the world of theme parks concerning future projects, then they might have heard of Dubailand already, which is currently the biggest ever theme park in the world, currently on hold. One of the dozens of main themes of Dubailand is the Sahara Kingdom, or on its other name: the Al Sahara Kingdom.

Dubailand, which would be situated in the outer area of New Dubai, not far from the Jumeirah Beach, would contain so many attractions that one cannot imagine. The whole complex has been specifically planned for its visitors to stay not only a day, but for at least a week. When seeing the plans of the hundreds of attractions of Dubailand, one might think that not even a month’s stay would be enough for getting to know all of them!

To be short, Dubailand will have divided areas according to types such as the Attractions and Experience World, with such wonders as the Falconcity of Wonders, the Global Village the beautiful Caribbean Aqua Dunya Waterland and the Sahara Kingdom itself among many others. The rest of the areas, all called worlds in Dubailand will include other parts too, such as Retail and Entertainment, Themed Leisure and Vacation, Eco-Tourism, Sports and Outdoor, and the Downtown with the City of Arabia. This is another picturesque wonder-to-be! It will also have the planned Mall of Arabia, which will be the largest-ever shopping mall in Dubai and in the whole planet as well.

Sahara Kingdom will be one of the key-attraction areas for all those, who would like to feel as if they were in an ancient Arabic Wonderland. The Sahara Kingdom will have nearly five square kilometre area to entertain its guests with all the fantastic sites and attractions.

Sahara Kingdom will be one of the most colourful attractions of Dubailand, with themes taken from the very famous One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, including the Tales of Sheherezade, the many adventures of Sinbad, the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 robbers, the tales of Aladdin and many more. If one gets to know that Sahara Kingdom was planned accordingly with these beautiful tales, in order to represent many of these wonders, then they will visualize a wonder-world in the ancient Arabia. They will imagine to we can see the famous Djinns, the wonder souks or marketplaces, people in authentic clothes, eating out, having fun and at the same time enjoy the attractions of the theme park of Sahara Kingdom, called “Dream of Dunyazad”. One can see a village with narrow streets packed with old-style stores selling thousands of traditional Arabic goods. One can also see a Kasbah (fort), Jamaas (mosques), and Hamams (traditional Arabic style baths) inside.

Sahara Kingdom will include several hotels, smaller and larger too, some offering pleasant stay within the old-town area and some in resort complexes around Sahara Kingdom. So, let us hope, that Dubailand with the Sahara Kingdom within, will be a complete attraction shortly to see and enjoy all its wonders, and feel as if we were part of the tales of the One thousand and one Arabian Nights.

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