Scuba Diving in Dubai

Dubai, situated by the sea of Persian Gulf, has quite a long shoreline, together with the other states of the United Arab Emirates. It offers plenty of possibilities to try scuba diving in Dubai and around Dubai. The only thing about scuba diving in Dubai is that you have to be smart. Many hotels offer diving possibilities both for divers and for scuba divers, but if you do not know the best places to go, then you will be lost.

The most important is to note, that although you may find plenty of diving courses in Dubai, yet the real sea-life watching possibilities are not here. Luckily, several diving schools offer excursions to the best places for scuba diving in Dubai and around Dubai. Unfortunately, Dubai itself does not offer that much possibilities now, due to the larger than large constructions on its shores. Moreover, since the beach in Dubai is mainly sandy, containing no motivation for most fishes to come close, there is not much possibility of scuba diving in Dubai.

Here are the best things to do, depending on your experience in scuba diving. If you are a beginner, but feel the urge to try scuba diving in Dubai, look for a diving course in your area. Most hotels offer diving lessons anyhow, so you can even get started at the hotel until the bottom of the swimming pool becomes too boring for you to look at.

The next step, which can be the first step either after all, is to find a diving school where you can learn scuba diving in Dubai. There are many prominent international and national diving academies; one of the best is the PADI, which is a worldwide chain of diving clubs. This is good for you, as being a member of such club enables you to travel with PADI to other beautiful diving sites all around the world. If you are not planning this much forward, then just look for a diving school which, after teaching you the basics will take you to the best diving areas around Dubai. This is the best choice if it is the first time to try scuba diving in Dubai.

As said, scuba diving in Dubai has not much use for those who love to see the sea–life, but there are plenty of beautiful diving spots nearby. In about an hour, you can get to the nearby Al Fujairah sheikhdom, which is among the favourite spots for local divers. The local diving club of Fujairah called Freestyle Divers, whose homepage is easily reachable. You can get in contact with them too on diving possibilities, if you feel you are not ready to dive alone, or if you are without the necessary scuba–diving equipment or most of all, if you would like to have more advices on scuba diving.

The best scuba-diving sites of Al Fujairah include the famous Snoopy Island, which is becoming more and more popular for the divers. If you got for a scuba diving here, you can even get to see turtles and sharks having a happy swim. Here you can find the Martini Rocks and Dibba Rock nearby. They are perfect scuba diving spots! Here, you can enjoy looking at the underwater sea life of the United Arab Emirates. If you would like to see even better diving places, visit the coral reefs of Shark Island in the Khor Fakkan Emirate, located just south of Fujairah. Al Mussandam is a must-see diving spot for everyone. Situated in Oman already but still not too far from Dubai, Mussandam is the “Mecca” of divers. Here you can see the real beauties of underwater life, with uncountable fishes. Even dolphins would turn up in Mussandam for the happiness of sea-lovers! Shark Island and Mussandam are among the best diving spots in the world.

Therefore, the conclusion is, if you want to try scuba diving in Dubai, look for a good school that will take you to the best scuba diving spots inside the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, if you are a beginner, then scuba diving in Dubai will give you great chances to start and to enjoy it for the rest of your life.

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