Secrets of the Famous Dubai Gold Souk

The souks or old style traditional Arabic marketplaces still form the central part of a city. Gold souk is part of the big souk chain located in Deira, Dubai. If you visit the Gold Souk, you will see that “all that glitters is gold” indeed when you are in Dubai.

Dubai Gold Souk is really one of the most popular sites to visit. Souks or Arabic marketplaces form the most interesting part of an Arabic city, where you feel to see the life of the city, and it gives you the impression of flying back to history in the old times. Souks do not change and it is a good point in them. You can find everything at a souk. You only have to walk through it. The souks are built in labyrinth style, so do not even try to find your way out, eventually you will arrive to your starting point again. Most souks have different segments. Starting with the fruits and vegetables when you start your excursion, and then getting more inside, you will see the numerous butcheries offering their goods. Then come the textile part with thousands of beautiful materials you can ever see. Gold and metal works in Dubai is also a segment of a souk. Here, families buy their kitchenware and you can see many decorations mainly made out of copper. If you are patient, you can even see how a beautiful plate is formed and decorated.

This gold marketplace is not only a segment of the Dubai souk, but also is a souk on its own if we see it that way. Here you can find all the gold wares sold by hundreds of merchants, so you can go in and try some beautiful Dubai gold rings, necklaces or you can buy a beautiful pair of earrings. However, before buying, it is wise to look around. The variety is so big that it will give you some hard times to think out on which one to buy. Even if you are not willing to buy, the Gold Souk is very beautiful and unique site to see in Dubai.

Dubai, often called the City of Gold refers to its richness in gold wares. People do really like gold over here at the Gold souk, especially the women, as a Muslim man cannot wear any gold wares according to their rules. Depending on the time of your visit, you may see many locals looking for some nice gold wares, for wedding or other celebrations. Like every women, Dubai women too, love to have many gold rings as a symbol of wealth and good family. Dubai Gold Souk is still the best place in town to buy gold. In addition, the prices are the best over here.

So get your camera and visit this souk of Deira upon your sightseeing in Dubai. For sure, you will take hundreds of photographs here. Gold souk is the best to visit in the late afternoon hours, because that is when life starts in real at all souks of Dubai. You can find many buses going to the Dubai Gold Souk directly, so just ask for directions at your hotel.

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