Shopping for a Comfortable Pyjama in Dubai

Pyjama is also spelled Pajamas and it derives from a Persian word, which arrived in the English through Hindi where the word and the wear also got. Pyjama can be a daily and nightwear as well; it means a top and a bottom both airy giving much free space between the body and the material. In the Western cultures, they normally call the children and men’s sleepwear pyjama but in British, they also write it Pajama still to this day.

The Dubai people like pyjamas for both daily and nightwear as well. They are easy and effortless clothes, quickly becoming used for both men and women. In Dubai if you go to the Deira souk side area, you will be able to see many Pyjamas hanging offered for sale and many people gets them sewed by a tailor so that they can pass well. The decoration of the pyjamas can be colourful, but normally they only use one or two spare colours. For women’s pyjama, they often use golden or silver decorations, same goes for children’s pyjama. They often use colourful materials for making the pyjama; flowers are often famous with the women.

These years, with the enlarging of the Chinese and Vietnamese market in the Middle East, you can easily get Chinese/Vietnamese style pyjamas as well. In Vietnam, people also wear pyjamas, especially the women who prefer white sometimes with little decoration. Such pyjamas made out of very light materials are ideal for hot climate. You can buy these cheaply at the Dragonmart located in the Dubai International City. The Dragonmart has been appointed Dubai’s biggest market of Chinese goods exclusively.

However, it does not mean that you will not see Chinese products in the Arabic market part. Most clothes offered there, are made in China. If you want to look around in the Indian market, you must visit the Karama district, where you will see the most Indian stores in one place. Indian materials are beautiful and so are their dresses and pyjamas, so Karama is definitely worth a look. All these areas are quite close to the downtown so it will not take long time for you to get there, by cab, bus or metro.

You can get Pyjamas for men anywhere. If you got in trouble not having male pyjama, you can drop into any of the big shopping centre where there is a huge offer. If you would like to play safe, choose the Carrefour out of which you can find the biggest in the Deira City Centre. If you would like some of the best quality pyjamas, choose the Marks and Spencer or the Woolworths. Their items are not only cheap but also once, you buy anything there for sure if will work for you for many years.

Therefore, definitely, once in Dubai, you will not have any problem with pyjamas at all. Once you see nicely decorated pyjamas in Dubai, do not forget that they make an excellent present as well.


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