Shopping For Bvlgari Rings

Bvlgari has been an elite jewellery brand long ago and today its one of the biggest and most characteristic jewellers of the world. Having been an Italian brand almost every signature pieces of Bvlgari have a distint antique Greek characteristic as a salute to owner Mr. Bulgari who had Greek heritage. Today Bvlgari is extremely rich in collections and therefore if you would like to check out Bvlgari rings, be prepared to the charade of so different forms, styles and colours of Bvlgari jewellery. We can divide their rings into two main categories: casual and wedding rings. In our article we would like to represent both.

Bvlgari ring signature collection is a unisex collection that includes rustic rings that are suitable to wear for both men and women. As the company takes part in different charities, we offer you to look at its “Save the Children” ring, which if bought will help the “Save the Children” Foundation that helps children all around the world.

If you are looking for the latest collection which has the characteristics of Bvlgari, then check out B.ZERO1 and Bvlgari Bvlgari collections, both of which have the rustic characteristics of the brand. B.Zero1 rings come in different gold and colour, from white to pink gold some of which also contain blue or green marble cover in the middle!

If you want something unique, check out the Serpenti ring collections that shape a real serpents with pave diamonds and ruby for the eyes. For the lovers of big bright stones we offer to check the Bvlgari rings in Mediteranean Eden collection that is an elegant sophisticated collection of rings especially great with summer clothes.

Monete ring is part of the limited collection of Bvlgari that includes jewellery with the inclusion of antique silver and gold coins. Some of the most exlcusive Bvlgari rings are in Parentesi collection, that you should definitely check out if you want some exclusive pieces of Bvlgari rings in your jewellery collection.

The wedding collection of Bvlgari consists of three main lines:
Coronia: Perhaps the most sophisticated of all, this collection contains especially light design rings, which look great on the fingers. Coronia rings are made of platinum and contain diamond decoration

Marryme: This collection contains a wide number and type of Eternity rings with paved diamonds, coming out in white gold and platinum.

Wedding Bands: The collection of wedding bands at Bvlgari contains mainly wedding bands, Eternity rings in all sorts of variety. There are always special editions here to refresh the original pieces, such as “Dedicata a Venezia” this time, which contains some great, stylish wedding bands coming out in thin forms paved with small diamonds.

In Dubai, Bvlgari rings can be seen in the brand showrooms of Bvlgari which you can find in the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Mall and in the Emirates Towers Boulevard. If you want to see real exclusive pieces, do not miss checking out on Bvlgari rings in Dubai, especially during shopping festivals when great discounts apply.

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