Shops To Buy Fossil Watches in Dubai

Fossil watches are one of the famous accessories manufactured by Fossil.Inc an American based company. This company also has its presence in one of the most important city like Dubai. The history of this fossil watches and company can be traced back to 1984, when two brothers’s decided to import watches from Far East and retail them in United States. The main focus of the company was to import fashion watches for their customers in America. In 1990, Fossil introduced its relic line of retrospective watches that got phenomenal success in the country. After, getting the most famous watch brand in the country, Fossil decided to move its name to international market and introduced their product in important business cities like Dubai.

Fossil watches are famous because of its unique features and designs. Some of the reason people prefer to buy fossil watches in Dubai are given as,
• Reliable construction: A good branded watch is the one that last longer with the wearer without giving him or her headaches. When, people choose fossil watches for their wrist, they not just invest on the brand, but also spend on buying high quality craftsman ship. For more than twenty five years Fossil has been providing quality and reliable watches to its customers through experienced designers and craftsman’s.

• Unique and trendy designs: Along with quality another features that is offered by Fossil watches is the unique design and style. These watches are designed on modern approaches and trends and therefore, are preferred by people who are fashion conscious. It has been observed that some watch manufacturer’s compromise the quality of the watches while incorporating style. However, Fossil makes sure that quality is never compromised even manufacturing the most stylish pieces.

• Designed by experts: Fossil watches are often designed by some of the leading names of the fashion industry. Therefore, these watches are trendy and yet unique. Some of the famous designers who designed Fossil watches are Frank Gehry and Phillipe Starck.

• Diverse variety: Fossil offers wide range of watches to its customers starting from digital, analog and titanium chronographs. People who like to wear fossil watches have wide range to choose from. Moreover, fossil keeps innovating its old designs, so their customer never gets bore of same style.

After, the success of Fossil watches in United States, the company decided to move into the international market and therefore, choose some of the important business centers of the world to display their products like Dubai. Dubai is one such important business hub that attracted many international watch brands. Like other famous watch brands Fossil also have many outlets around Dubai. Some of the famous retailers of Fossil watches in Dubai are located at Burjuman Shopping centre, Al-Futtaim Watches and Jewellery, Time Bridge Fzco at Dubai airport and Seddique and Sons Dubai. All these are certified and authentic retailer of Fossil watches and accessories. The fossil accessories bought from Dubai authorized dealers guarantee right product at affordable prices. However, other dealers in Dubai might charge high for fake fossil accessories.

Fossil is a very interesting watch brand that represents the Swiss world of high-class watch making. Fossil Inc. is a Texas based corporation that sells mainly watches and jewellery but also into clothes and other leather goods. In the past 10 years, Fossil has expressed a growing interest in being part of the Swiss watch industry in order to take part in the manufacturing of top quality Swiss watches. Therefore, today, you can find all sorts of first-class high quality brand watches of Fossil Watches. Fossil as an own brand name also sells its watches in Dubai, thanks to their agreement and retail contract with the huge Al Futtaim Dubai Jewellery and Watches Group.

Today, if you see the watches of following brands, just know they are all manufactured by Fossil: Abacus, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Michele Watch and Zodiac Watches, DKNY, Armani Exchange, Columbia Sportswear, Diesel, Frank Gehry, Philippe Starck, Michael Kors, Callaway Golf, Davis Cup, Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Michelle Watches. All these brands are by Fossil watches today. The whole started with the acquiring of the famous Swiss brand, the Zodiac Watches. That meant the entrance of the American Fossil in the Swiss watches industry. Today, the company also owns the high-class watchmaker Michelle Watches as well, manufacturing for all the mentioned world famous brands. Its own Fossil collection is huge and makes up from real quality pieces, which vary from the classic to the ultramodern UFO styles.

In addition, Fossil quite uniquely offers its customers the chance to build their own watches, meaning that they choose the body, the colour and the band independently for their watches. Fossils own lines include the Decker, Dean, Machine, Roman, Ansel and Dylan lines for men also including Utility, Chronograph, and Interchangeable, convertible, dial and digital watches collections. For women, they offer most classical pieces by the Vintage, Maddox, Riley and Rose Watches collections out of which the latter is made out of rose gold. All these Fossil Watches are fine examples for quality watch making and they are world famous on the brands own name too.

Fossil Watches in Dubai are distributed by the huge Al Futtaim group, which has its own jewellery and watches group having exclusive contracts with several top watchmakers. Interestingly, Fossil Watches make out the most out of the Al Futtaim collections that either use their own name as store or sell their watches collections in its Watch House boutiques in the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates. In addition, the Fossil Watches are sold in the Watches Corner shops, that can be found in the Dubai Mall and in the Deira City Centre, in the BurJuman Shopping Mall you can find several Fossil manufactures watches in the Saks Fifth Avenue.

Therefore, these great watches can be found everywhere in Dubai. Currently, there is no other brand, which would take part in the manufacturing of so many watches of other brands, so Fossil watches are exceptional both in their own brand name and on other brand names. For sure, Dubai will not let you leave without representing you with the large variety of Fossil watches.

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