Stores For Polarized Sunglasses in Dubai

Polarized sunglasses are special glasses that reduce the reflection from various surfaces like glass, snow and water. These sunglasses are mostly preferred by sportsman and athletes because they provide greater clarity and vision. Moreover, people can also use them while driving and fishing so as to avoid any mishaps. There are many international brands which offer range of polarized sunglasses like Ray Ban, Gucci and Oakley. Though, these sunglasses are expensive, but they protect the eyes of the individual and offer them better vision.

Polarized sunglasses offer many benefits to people. Some of the benefits are:
• Improves the vision and makes it clear.
• Reduce the stress on the eyes.
• Allow the wearer to distinguish between the bright colors.
• Eliminate the glare from highly reflective surfaces like water, ice and glass.
• Makes it easy for the wearer to concentrate on the task at hand.

Along with these benefits, polarized sunglasses also have some disadvantages that might cause problems for the wearer. Polarized lenses do not works well with LCD screens, these glasses makes it difficult for the reader to read the screens. Therefore, people who deal with LCD screen on daily basis are advised not to use these sunglasses.

How polarized sunglasses works:
Polarized sunglasses offered by various international brands are quite famous among individuals who deal with water sporting, driving and fishing. These sunglasses are readily available all over the world especially in Middle East city like Dubai, where many sporting events are held each year. However, before buying the polarized sunglasses it is important to understand their functionality. The reflected light from smooth surfaces like water, road and glass happen to travel in horizontal manner, rather than being scattered in all directions. The horizontal reflected lights often cause discomforting glare for the viewers and therefore, polarized lenses are used to reduce the strong impact of that reflected light. Polarized lenses have special filters in them that absorb the high intensity light and reduce the affect of the glares.

Types of polarized sunglasses:
Polarized sunglasses are offered in different variety by different well known brands. Basically the polarized sunglasses are differentiated on the base of their lenses rather than style or design. The two famous categories of polarized sunglasses available in Dubai are,

• 0.75mm polarized lenses: The sunglasses that have 0.75 polarized lenses in them are preferred for more casual sports like skiing. Such lenses are made up from thin sheet of film and do not offer much resistance to the reflective light from the smooth surfaces.

• 1.1 mm Polarized lenses: The sunglasses that have 1.1mm polarized lenses are thicker than the .75mm lenses and offer a bit more resistance to bright glares. The polarized sunglasses that have 1.1mm lenses are a bit expensive than .75mm lenses glasses because an extra think layers is introduced in them, which cost high.

Retailers of Polarized sunglasses in Dubai:
Polarized sunglasses are the most famous type of sunglasses in Dubai. Many popular international brands offer variety of these glasses. Some of the famous retailers in Dubai are Tifosi Optics at Bur Dubai and Rivoli Eyezone at Dubai Mall, but almost all the optical stores selling this type of sunglasses of course.

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