Stylish Gold Chains in Dubai

Dubai has a name, which means gold and diamond. If you think of Dubai, what comes to your mind first is gold and luxury. In this article, we would like to discuss a little bit on where to find all sorts of gold chains, those which make or which decorate gold jewellery. Gold chains can appear in Dubai in several forms. The chain form is more preferred by the designers either of men’s jewellery or for those necklaces designed to carry a pendant.

The gold trading of Dubai has always been among the main activities within trading, especially after the disappearing of the world famous Dubai Pearls, which ceased to exist after all the pollution, which got into the water by the First World War army boats. Therefore, Dubai decided to stick with its gold trading business, next to many others of course. The main exporters of gold within the Emirate are Turkey, China and India. Thanks to the great work of the centrally appointed DMCC 8 Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) today, there are very strict regulations regarding the expected quality of gold arriving in Dubai. Gold trading, as the Dubai Gold and Commodity Exchange, one subsidiary of the huge DMCC, govern commodity trading.

Now, let us get back to the topic: where can we find the most attractive gold chains in Dubai. Gold chains can be used either as a necklace, which most commonly holds a pendant, because its those necklaces which regularly have chain type. In addition, other sort of jewellery can include gold chains ranging from bracelets to earrings and even rings. You will see that you can find gold chains in practically all store of Dubai. Gold chains also make a great elegant belt which although not worn so commonly in Dubai by Arabic women, Indian women like wearing them, together with all westerners living in Dubai.

The first bigger gold chains in the jewellery industry first appeared along with the first bigger gold necklaces in Dubai. These necklaces are heavy, they contain lots of gold so they are perfect to use as a signature necklace by men in order to represent their status and richness. These male necklaces made out of gold chains are still trendy all over the world. Dubai men really like wearing them, although they are not featured in the international jewellery collections but still represent a high selling rate. A bigger necklace made out of good quality gold chains is naturally quite expensive, especially with the usage of 21K or 22K gold. The other type of gold chains you can find practically everywhere: These are the small gold chain necklaces made for both men and women serving for holding a pendant traditionally.

As gold chains are mostly included in the local collections of one of the Gold Souks of Dubai, check out personally what you can expect during your search for gold chains jewellery. There is no jewellery that you could not find in Dubai. You will see how true this saying is in case you visit the Gold Souk of Deira.

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