Taiba Jewellery at Dubai Gold Souk

Taiba Jewellery at Gold Souk Dubai

When it comes to high quality jewellers in Dubai, there are several brands, which we can enlist, yet Taiba is one of the best among gold jewellers on the extensive jewellery market of Dubai. Being also among the oldest jewelleries of the metropolis, it represents some of the most extensive collections of Western, Arabic and Oriental styles of jewellery. In this article, we would like to represent you Taiba Jewellery, which is among the most respected Dubai jewellery brands.

Taiba has been originally set up in Saudi Arabia, then decided to move its brand to Dubai and by today, it has become one of Dubai’s best jewellery brands, when it comes to gold. Taiba primarily concentrates on offering genuine yet affordable pieces of gold jewellery, between 18K and 22K, yet it also offers some haute couture collections, especially when it comes to its necklace collections. No matter what sort of jewellery you would like to buy, you can find it in the showroom of Taiba, which has decided to bring its entire collection online, making it possible for everyone to see and buy any of its great items. Taiba offers special sorts of jewellery such as Indian style collection, Arabic Hijab style jewellery collections and Islamic pendants for its customers, apart from that its necklace collections are some of the biggest in Dubai, offering not only one or two items with necklaces but up to 4 or more, which also includes rings, bracelets and pendants.

While Taiba primarily uses the classic yellow gold in its collections, it has been starting to implement the usage of white gold as well. It is important to note, that due to the nature of Taiba Jewellery, being one that primarily concentrates on the beauty and quality of gold, the brand is among the very few, that does not include diamonds in sets but uses zircon instead. However, we can spot coloured gemstones and even pearls in its different sets. Taiba Jewellery sports three main collections:

* The Hijab Style- concentrates on sophisticated looking Arabic-oriental style jewellery specifically soft and easy to wear also under hijab, the only way Muslim women wear jewellery, with the only exception of rings.
* Carina Style- this features an extra large collection of traditional Indian jewellery, with some specialties such as anklets, double rings, Indian bangles and necklace sets.
* FancyRose Style – includes white gold and mixed gold items

Taiba Jewellery is not only famous for its great collections of gold jewellery, but also for the fact that it’s been included in the Guiness Book of World Records for making the largest 18k gold wedding band in the world which is simply called “Big Ring”. The huge ring can still be seen at Kanz Jewellers, the brand that bought the ring to exhibit it in their store.

All in all Taiba is perfect choice for those looking for jewellery that represents the full beauty of classic gold, and those who would like to buy something special and unique for a great price. Taiba Jewellery is a one-of-a-kind brand, which is more than worth visiting when in Dubai for all those interested in jewellery or wanting to buy a great, everlasting souvenir on their trip.

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