The Famous Taiba Jewellery

When it comes to Dubai, you cannot miss to visit some of its top quality jewellery houses. There are four or five local big jewellery brands, the seeing of which will immediately tempt you to buy at least one set from each store. However, even you feel your purse is not that deep; it is really worth looking at all these art pieces made out of the finest materials. Taiba Jewellery is one of the best jewelleries of Dubai. The beautiful goods of Taiba can be seen in the Dubai Gold Souk.

Among the most popular brands of jewellery, we can find the famous Taiba Jewellery as well, in Dubai. Now, Taiba Jewellery has several stores all around the Gulf countries. The company is operating in Dubai since 1989, and today it is one of the biggest traders of the sheikhdom. Taiba Jewellery is among the few jewellery brands which has been awarded with several international quality awards and ever since the company belongs to the league of best quality manufacturers in the world.

Taiba Jewellery offers beautiful sets of jewellery, containing the basic necklace-earring combination enforced either by a bracelet or by a broche or pendant in many cases. This manufacturer is one of the few offering the very best quality gold-ware, in all types and Karats, which still enable gold to be worn as jewellery that normally ranges from 18 to 21 K. Gold is often mixed with white gold or platinum in the beautiful jewellery designs of Taiba Jewellery.

Taiba Jewellery is not only famous for being among the quality traders and manufacturers of jewellery in the Gulf Area, but also, because it is the one and only Dubai jewellery shop enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the producing of the heaviest golden ring in the world. The real name of the ring is Najmat Taiba, which means the Star of Taiba, but among people, it is simply called “The Big Ring”. The ring is wholly made out of 21 K gold with a perimeter exceeding 2 metres and with a weight of 4.5 kilograms. The number of the gems used for the ring is 61 pieces and the Big Ring and the manufacturing period of it took forty-five days. In the whole process, fifty-five workers had to take part, each one of them having spent ten hours of work daily, in order to make the big Ring ready by the end of the 45th day.

The website of Taiba gives one chance to design their jewellery by a smart drawing program, which enables you to draw like with a pen or pencil. Taiba currently uses two websites, one is promotional the other specifically used for internet trading. If you want to find a shop to see the beautiful collections of Taiba, visit the Taiba Showroom, located in the Gold Souk of Dubai in the Deira district. Apart from this, Taiba is concentrating on the online international selling of its goods. You can visit the Taiba Jewellery showroom if you register your will of visiting it on the website of Taiba Jewellery.

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